Ceylon Arrack

Martin Tidbury posted a photo:

This particular spirit is distilled from the sap of coconut flowers. It appears that it is distilled in Sri Lanka, the product is then shipped to the U.K. where it is bottled and then shipped back to Sri Lanka. That’s what the label would have us believe anyway! If that really is the case it seems an expensive way of dealing with a relatively low price product with limited demand.

The extraction of the coconut sap of the from the flowers is quite interesting, and although I didn’t see it being done on a large scale I did see young men scrambling from tree to tree at high level on ropes stretched between the trees.

I can recommend this particular Arrack, although I have to admit it tastes better sitting in a rooftop bar overlooking the Indian Ocean than it does huddled up in front of a fire enduring a British winter.

Source From Flicker
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