Upfield champions plant goodness with Astra and Flora

Upfield, the World’s largest plant-based nutrition Company highlighted its commitment to promoting a sustainable food culture through providing high quality plant-based food products such as Astra and Flora spreads. Established in 1871, Upfield envisions ‘A Better Plant Based Future’, and actively advocate for the transformation of a food system that revolves around plant-based eating.

“The long-term wellbeing of our planet pivots around the changes we all make today in our habits and consumption. Shifting to a healthy, planet-friendly diet plays an integral role in this necessary shift. Hence, it is important to adopt a diet that comprise high nutritional value, whilst also minimizing the negative impact of land use, Green House Gas  emission, the impact on biodiversity as well as the quality of water and soil. In this regard, Upfield has long been working towards producing ethical, sustainable food products without compromising on nutritional value and taste,” commented Shehani Liyanage, Marketing Manager Upfield Sri Lanka.

As plant-based spreads, both Astra and Flora have 70% smaller carbon footprint based on Carbon dioxide equivalent, a measure of climate change, when compared to dairy butter. Moreover, the production process of plant-based spreads occupies 8m2 (8 square meters) less land per year, and use 100 litres less water. Plant-based spreads are spreads are responsible for 9kg less carbon dioxide equivalents or greenhouse gases, in comparison to dairy butter.

“People around the globe are changing their dietary habits, and embracing plant-based food for both health and ethical reasons. The same is true in the case of Sri Lanka albeit at a slower pace. We, as Upfield and producers of Astra and Flora, two beloved brands in Sri Lanka are happy to be part of this worthwhile movement,” added Marketing Manager for Upfield Sri Lanka, Shehani Liyanage.

Fortified with Vitamins A & D, Astra has cultivated a trusted presence among mothers as the choice of nutrition for growing children. Astra is manufactured using a state-of-the-art process that ensures it is virtually free of harmful trans fats.

Renowned as a healthier spread, Flora is made with sunflower and canola oil. Flora is also rich in Omega 3 and 6, helping people stay healthier.

In line with the Company’s core vision of contributing to ‘A Better Plant Based Future’, Upfield consistently strive to minimize the negative impact on the environment and offer nutritious and delicious products through heavily investing in research and development.

As such, Upfield is geared to become a driving force behind the global movement towards establishing a more planet friendly, ethical food system.

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