Sufficient ginger and turmeric in market after next harvest

In an effort to protect local small scale agriculture exporters, the government imposed restrictions on the importation of several agriculture crops.

Accordingly, the government restricted the importation of Corn, Green gram, Peanut, Dried chilli, Black gram (ulundu), Turmeric, Ginger, Black-eyed pea (cowpea), Big onion and Red onion among other crops.

Meanwhile, today (27) Cabinet Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella assured that there will be enough and more ginger and turmeric in the market after the next harvest season. The Minister stated this at the Cabinet press briefing today.

“There is a temporary setback. You can’t achieve anything unless you are willing to sacrifice in certain areas and that is exactly what we are trying to do. There are certain sacrifices that you have to make for a limited period of time for a long term benefit. If we import to fill the gap, the farmers will get discouraged and then the cultivation today, I can assure you that there is enough and more and sufficient ginger and turmeric in the market within the moment when we have the next harvest,” Minister stated.

Meanwhile, Co-Cabinet Spokesmen  Dr. Ramesh Pathirana also expressed the following;

“Apart from ginger and turmeric, we have sufficient quantity for all the other varieties. We have encouraged the farmers to come forward and cultivate. If we start importing again that would be a hindrance to the current process. We will encourage people to grow. We have seen tremendous potential in Sri Lankan agricultural sector. So, why can’t we go forward? That is the way we have been living over a period of time. Let us provide that energy to the farmers. So, once they get a decent price to their produce, then we can further encourage them and then go to the next step of exporting them.”


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