Official Statement: Precautions at Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd Horana, Following Confirmation of Covid-19 Team Members

The safety of our employees is the number one priority at all MAS facilities, and this is very much the case at Bodyline (Horana) as well, where we have implemented stringent health and safety measures to ensure this. The factory has had weekly audits by the local PHI’s and conducted more than 550 random PCR tests on all its Team Members since the outbreak of the Minuwangoda cluster in the community, with a view of early detection in the event of a positive COVID case within the facility.

In such a routine round of PCR testing, we were informed by the Horana MOH at midnight on Friday the 30th of October that one of our team members tested positive for COVID-19. The following key points outline the timelines and actions taken by the Management of Bodyline after receiving confirmation of the positive diagnosis;

  • Upon confirmation from the Health authorities, the Management of Bodyline took immediate action to close the plant on Saturday the 31st of October and identify and trace close contacts of the affected Team Member
  • Approximately 200 Team Members who were associated with the affected Team Member were placed on self-quarantine with arrangements made for PCR tests in collaboration with the Health Authorities
  • From these 200 Team Members, PCR tests were carried out in collaboration with the Health Authorities on 145 of the closest contacts
  • On Sunday the 1st of November, of the 145 tests carried out on these close contacts, 34 more Team Members were confirmed as positive for COVID-19.
  • Following that confirmation, the Management has taken the decision to close the plant until further notice and will re-commence only after extensive PCR tests are carried out amongst other Team Members, complete sanitization of the facility and clearance from the Health Authorities

We are in touch with the Horana Health and Police Authorities in taking further action based on their instructions. We will continue to monitor the situation proactively in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and take necessary action to prevent the spread of this virus within our facilities and in the communities we operate in.

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