‘EatMealFirst’ food delivery platform significantly enhanced to ensure rich customer experience

The emerging local food delivery platform in Sri Lanka, ‘EatMealFirst’ (EMF) today announced that it has significantly enhanced its mobile apps (both Android & iOS versions), to provide an overall enhanced experience to customers. ‘Thinksmart Solutions’ strongly believes that this milestone will help strengthen EMF’s position as Sri Lanka’s emerging on-demand food delivery service and expedite its future expansion plans.

Registering with ‘EatMealFirst’ is quite simple, and can be done using the mobile number and email address. After entering the mobile number, the PIN will be sent via text message, after which it is just a matter of entering the PIN number to confirm the verification process.

The first thing a user will notice about the app is its standard user interface. Features appearing on the landing page of the app are very relevant and customized according to the current location of the user; for example, a list of the user’s nearest and most popular restaurants & groceries, previously ordered restaurants nearby, newly partnered restaurants and merchants in the area with reviews,  ongoing promotions etc.

During the short period of its commercial operations, ‘EatMealFirst’ has become the most emerging and most preferred food delivery service in Colombo, with a high level of acceptance by its restaurant partners as well as customers.

“We believe that ‘EatMealFirst’, as an everyday use app for food and groceries,  bring our services together with partners, unlocking the most value for our customers. During our first year of operations, EMF orders grew by 25% month-on-month on average. As a result, EMF’s restaurant-partners saw monthly revenues increase and their experience with EMF continue to grow. We are also considering possible partnerships for expanding the food delivery platform service globally,” said Mr Lakshman Joseph, CEO/Director/Co-Founder of Thinksmart Solutions.

Continuing its operations even during the COVID-19 hit period, ‘EatMealFirst’ ensures the highest safety measures and strict hygiene standards are maintained for the safety and protection of its consumers, partner drivers and partner merchants. EMF has introduced contactless delivery and is also continuously in touch with partners to enhance food preparation standards and ensure food safety and hygiene.

“Today, app-based food delivery services have truly added value to consumers’ everyday experiences. We believe it’s time for us to add new features and services into the app for an even better customer experience. Now, getting food items delivered using the “EatMealFirst” app is so much easier in comparison with other options available in the market. Significant enhancements have been done to the EMF app in order to improve overall customer experience with simpler steps that include: download the app, register, pick delivery location, find required items, place order, select payment method either debit card, credit card or cash,  track delivery progress. Contactless delivery is a guaranteed feature with recent developments,” said Mr Chinthaka Wijesuriya, COO/Founder/Director of Thinksmart Solutions.

‘EatMealFirst’ believes in positive market drivers such as booming internet and digital economy, growth in internet users, improved mobile penetration, rising e-commerce and exponential growth in digital literacy coupled with digital marketing for its future growth.


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