Accenture Supports Brandix in Integrating HR Functions on Single Platform

Accenture has helped Brandix, a leading apparel manufacturer in Sri Lanka, implement SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions to consolidate all of its human resources (HR) processes into a single technology platform.

The platform, internally branded as ‘Brandix iConnect,’ is part of Brandix’s journey to future-ready its operations. As a central hub for the company’s HR services, Brandix iConnect brings together real-time data and consolidates processes to provide employees with a modern digital experience that is user and mobile-friendly.

Accenture helped implement the Brandix iConnect solution in just four months and continues to support Brandix in its digital endeavors through the transformation of its manufacturing, supply chain, finance and HR operations.

“As a company that passionately embraces its vision of ‘delivering inspired solutions,’ we always strive for and achieve world-class standards in everything we do,” said Ashroff Omar, Group Chief Executive Officer of Brandix Apparel Limited“Our successful transition to a state-of-the-art HR platform is a testament to the willingness of our people to embrace change and adapt in ways to future-ready our operations. I look forward to leveraging our best practices in HR to energize our people to deliver inspired solutions to our customers.”

In addition to aligning the company’s executive HR processes with global best practices, Brandix iConnect also supports the company’s sustainability goals. It has eliminated paper-based HR processes and enabled the integration of electronic records, the introduction of an online learning management system and the automation of the company’s performance management system. The new platform has also helped enhance Brandix’s talent management, succession, and learning and development processes.

“It was truly rewarding to witness the dedicated efforts of all teams in driving this project to its fruition, attesting to Brandix’s commitment to delivering on excellence backed by teamwork,” said Ishan Dantanarayana, Chief People Officer of the Brandix Group. “We believe that the transformative system will inspire and enable the Brandix force of ‘Inspired People’ to perform at their optimal.”

Suvasish Mohapatra, who led this project for Accenture Operations, added, “People lie at the heart of any business, and this HR transformation initiative is a key milestone in Brandix’s digital journey. The modernization of its HR processes with SAP SuccessFactors solutions will help boost productivity and improve the employee experience, better positioning Brandix to grow and succeed in a highly disruptive environment.”

Aaron Green, who leads SAP SuccessFactors in Asia Pacific and Japan added, “Employee experience has become a strategic priority for HR leaders and delivering engaging experiences is proven to boost productivity and drive better business results. Human experience management solutions—such as Brandix iConnect— are designed around what employees need, how they work and what motivates them – empowering them to do their best work and giving HR leaders the tools to accelerate business growth.”

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