On the Sudden Death of Yashpal Sharma

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On the Sudden Death of Yashpal Sharma

1983 World Cup team – loses a member – due to cardiac arrest – just returned from walk and collapsed apparently – just 66 years old – Yashpal Sharma. Unfortunate.

That’s a great way to go 🙏

Will take it any day
Jis marne se jag dare, mere man mein anand, Kab maru kab paon, puran parmanand …….

जिस मरने से जग डरे, मेरे मन में आनंद | कब मरू कब पाऊ, पूरण परमानन्द ||

Wolter A. Keers was a Dutch teacher and writer who lectured extensively on Yoga and Advaita in Europe in the 1970s and 80s. Shortly before his death in the 1980s, he invited his friends to a party at his house in his hometown. At the end of the party, he informed his friends that he was going to give up his body. He prostrated to a large photo of Sri Ramana that he had placed on the floor. Then he placed a cushion in front of the photo, laid down his head on the cushion at Sri Ramana’s feet and passed away

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