The Pizzeria by The Travelling Bruncher | Restaurant Review

“The Best Pizzas Straight Outta Kotte”

With a reputation for the most creatively named dishes in town, we’re back with The Travelling Buncher! Only this time they’ve ventured a little out of Colombo into the suburbs of Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte in the form of the little wood-oven thin-crust pizzeria by the name of “The Pizzeria” (clever, innit?). Offering a very simple menu with 8 different pizzas, each coming in medium and large, The Pizzeria by The Travelling Bruncher is going all out in flavour.


Funghi Withrak – LKR 2,800 (4/5)

The “Funghi Witharak” is the ultimate vegetarian pizza and just as the name suggests, it was a delight of ‘just mushrooms’, mozzarella and oregano. We loved how the briny flavor of the button mushrooms came through along with the tangy and creamy mozzarella, and that thin crust was the perfect balance between sturdy and doughy.

Bacon & Nil Cheese – LKR 3,500 (5/5)

From the salty bacon chunks to the combination of “nil cheese” (blue cheese) and mozzarella, and my favourite, the sweetened balsamic onions, this was the winner. If any criticism, it would be that we felt the pizza was a bit too oily, but we just considered that bacon fat and went along with it. Cos’ who wouldn’t like a pizza dipped in some of that liquid gold? All in all, well worth the price, and this is one pizza I will definitely be ordering whenever I get the chance! 

Kadey Beef – LKR 3,300 (4/5)

A twist on the quintessential Sri Lankan curry with the thin-crust pizzas of Italy, the “Kadey Beef” was quite something, to say the least. The pizza came topped with a hefty portion of the much-adored Sri Lankan Beef Curry, fried karapincha, and you guessed it… NAI MIRIS! The beef was cooked perfectly without any of the chewiness that one might expect, and the flavours of the karapincha and nai-miris really came through. While I loved the flavour combo, I did find the pizza far too spicy for my liking, but the spice-lovers that accompanied me couldn’t get enough of it!



So the thing about the ambience at The Pizzeria by TTB is that there is no ambiance. Offering you a quaint curb-side dining experience, The Pizzeria by TTB primarily operates as a delivery/pick-up point for their lineup of eight mouthwatering pizzas. However, the staff there is extremely friendly, so feel free to go ahead and dine-in if you choose to do so.

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