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Located in Stratford Avenue is a dainty cake shop that serves the most scrumptious food any food lover could dream of. Being the gourmets that we are, we just had to take a look at the place, and we can definitely tell you that “delicious” is just an understatement. So dive in deeper to learn more about how our experience went.



Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie Bowl (LKR 1550)

Their smoothie bowls come in large quantities and bring a lot of health benefits because of the amount of healthy ingredients incorporated. The dish was so appealing, with a beautiful shade of pink and consisting of several varieties of seeds including pumpkin and sunflower seeds that complemented the dish so well. The healthy mix of berries along with oats and bees’ honey as well as the addition of strawberries and chocolate chips just made this dish wholesome. For all of you health conscious peeps, I don’t have to tell you twice about how good it is.



Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Pasta (LKR 1950)

Having a long-held love for Italian cuisine, this was personally my favourite. This dish was very colourful and was filled with creamy goodness. With a bountiful amount of shitake and button mushrooms, this dish was not for the weak! The inclusion of spinach added a deliciously healthy twist to the dish. Along with the pasta dish, two slices of garlic bread were also served – compared to other garlic breads, these were more towards the sweeter side.


Buttered Pita Bread (LKR 1600)

This dish had three pitas that were handmade. Along with the pita bread, we were served a Jaffna-styled spicy meatball masala curry, a creamy potato curry and a nai miris coconut sambol – and boy, was it good! All three dishes perfectly complemented each other. If you are a person with a penchant for trying out spicy food, this is a must-try!


Spicy Meatball Submarine Loaded with Cheese (LKR1500) 

When we say that the submarine was huge, believe us, it’s huge! The submarine was warm and overloaded with Jaffna-styled spicy meatballs and gravy. Elevating the dish to perfection were a hint of coriander and a generous portion of thick fries. This is another personal favourite due to the rich flavour of the dish – it would definitely make you want to come for seconds!


Spicy Nai Miris Prawn and Egg Rice Kottu (LKR 2200)

This is probably the spiciest kottu that I’ve ever had! Made with egg rice, this kottu was stacked with sea food including prawns and calamari, and was accompanied by chicken gravy. On top of that were the spicy nai miris prawns, which added that extra tang to the kottu.



Salted Caramel Cake (LKR 700)

As soon as the desserts arrived, all of us were shocked at how big the cake slices were! If you have a small appetite as I do, you can definitely share one cake slice with another individual. As for the flavour of the cake, it had the perfect balance between saltiness and sweetness. The moist cake was filled with generous layers of caramel mousse, and to top it off, salted caramel and cashews were also added on.


Red Velvet Cake (LKR 960)

With thick layers of mascarpone and cream cheese in the centre, the Red Velvet Cake was the star product of the eatery. Complete with a beautiful shade of red, this cake is a definite go-to if you have a sweet tooth.



Butterfly Pea Hawaiian Mojito  (LKR 1300)

At the first glimpse, the drink looked absolutely beautiful! With a stunning shade of purple, the butterfly pea and the coconut milk formed two different layers. When the drink was mixed, it made a beautiful shade of lavender. In terms of taste, as soon as I took a sip, I was introduced to a hint of mint, which paved the way for the mixed coconut milk and butterfly pea to be tasted. As a whole, it brought about a very sweet, floral flavour.


Black Forest Shake  (LKR 1200)

Stemming from the German ‘Schwarzwäld Torte’, the Black Forest Shake is a drink that you must add to your list to try out. It comprises a thick and super creamy milkshake made of chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherry pieces. Simply put, it was a drink made in heaven!


Cookie Creme Brulee Frappe (LKR 1050)

Starting off with a hint of coffee, the flavour of the Cookie Creme Brulee kicked in right after – and as the name suggests, it definitely made us feel like we were drinking a cookie. The drink was thick and the consistency was top-notch as well. The addition of whipped cream made the drink very filling. So, this is the ideal treat for all you cookie lovers out there!


Achcharu Mojito (LKR 930)

If this drink reminded me of anything, it would definitely be the fire emoji! In terms of taste, it was similar to the delicious residue left when you enjoy an Achcharu. Along with that, there were also pieces of Amberella, pineapple and guava that added flavour along with the perfect blend of spices. This drink was definitely unforgettable. Having a long-held love for spicy food myself, this has got to be my favourite drink.



 When you enter the shop, you are greeted by the friendly staff members who are kind and attentive to your needs – don’t be shy to say “Hi” to them. One thing that I really loved about the place was the very chilled out and cozy vibe. So if you’re looking for that perfect space to work or get your studies done, the Cake Boutique is the place to visit. With the addition of slow music, it just sets the mood perfectly.


Tip– Feeling indecisive? Well, don’t be afraid to reach out to any of the waiters at cake Boutique – they would guide you through the menu and make sure that you have a great time!

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