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Got the munchies? or are you just hungry? Either way, Stoners Korner is a new kid in town when it comes to delivery food and they serve up some delicious, sizeable burgers and Asian fare (such as fried rice and chow mein). Their Instagram caught our attention with their eye-catching feed and aesthetically pleasing thick, juicy burgers and boy, did they deliver – for a new venture, they are killing it!

They don’t have a sit-down restaurant yet but fret not, you can order their food through UberEats, Instagram, Facebook, or you could just call or WhatsApp them directly.

This venture is still relatively new and so they don’t have a cash on delivery system as of yet but they do accept bank transfers and are available on Uber eats after 5 pm – so if you want to make a lunch order just shoot them a message the day before on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp (0771408811).

Stoners Korner also delivers their food via PickMe so delivery costs may vary according to your location.


Chicken Wok Fried Rice (LKR 470)

This wok fried-rice was out of this world, it was honestly so good that I wish I could order this after a night out instead of kottu!

For LKR 470 it was chock full of chicken and egg and the portion of rice was good enough for 2 people to enjoy. In addition to being well worth it portion-wise, the taste was amazing, well seasoned, smoky and not too greasy. It was savoury, sumptuous and satisfying; the chilli paste it came with, which was made in house was incredible, not too sweet, spicy or salty, it added the perfect amount of heat and extra dimension to the rice.

Always freshly made and toasted, the burger buns are soft, buttery and hold up pretty well against the thick meat patties, sauces and cheese. Most places have buns that lose most of their structural integrity by about halfway through your meal, but these held up well.

Chicken Nai Miris Burger (LKR 595)

DISCLAIMER – It’s spicy if you’re not a fan of food that tastes like straight-up fire, this isn’t for you. The thick chicken patty was juicy and flavourful and PACKED with nai-miris, amongst the spice lovers in the office, this burger got plenty of compliments, with raised brows and impressed smiles. The only drawback of a burger this spicy is that after a few bites, the taste of the nai-miris tends to overpower everything else. Whilst the cheese and caramelised onions add some dimension of flavour, the spice was the dominant entity here.

Stoners Juicy Jane Chicken Burger (LKR 610)

This was the crowd favourite with everyone taking more than one bite followed by a groan of satisfaction.  The sweet onion and chicken patty were so well seasoned and moist and we were blessed with the aesthetics of watching cheese ooze out the sides with every bite. The cheese stuffed inside added a sharp creaminess to the already flavourful patty. This honestly has to be one of the best tasting burgers in Colombo- sweet, savoury and unctuous, I fell in love. The meat to bun ratio was perfect and the soft, oozy cheese was plentiful, there were some tang and heat from the spicy mayo and the buttery soft bun and sweet caramelised onions was just the cherry on top. The burger was essentially a perfectly crafted umami bomb and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it.

Stoners Smoked Beef Burger (LKR 720)

This burger looked very impressive, but unfortunately, the mouth-feel of the patty felt over mixed and stringy, and it wasn’t as flavourful as the chicken. Whilst this herb butter-basted chuck patty was well cooked and very beefy (reminiscent of roast beef at a deli),  it could have done with a bit more seasoning in our opinion. The spicy mayo, gooey cheese and caramelised onion combo on top did give it extra flavour. Maybe we can chalk our lack of enthusiasm over this particular burger up to the fact that it was the third one we tried so the Juicy Jane and Nai Miris just blew it out of the water? That being said if you happen to like your burgers quite simple, this might be right up your alley. On a positive note, they were generous with the beef, unlike most burger places that have patties barely half an inch thick.

Stoners Cross Joint Burger (LKR 850)

This burger was basically a meat lover’s dream-come-true and it was a medley of flavours. This gargantuan structure came with two herb butter-basted thicccc (yes that’s thicccc with 4 c’s ) patties stacked on top of each other, one beef, one sweet onion and chicken.  As mentioned above the beef patty erred on the blander side and the texture didn’t win any fans, however having said that, the chicken patty, sauce, cheese and caramelised onions balanced that out, providing some extra flavour and moisture. Also, eating this will get a little messy so have some napkins at the ready because it might just be a little TOO THICC.

Yes, it can be argued that the meat to bun ratio may be way off here, but I heavily suspect that balance was not the purpose of this burger, but rather providing us with a whopping meat feast, and it did exactly that.


Stoners Korner will never leave you on read! They reply almost immediately and are incredibly helpful with information and instructions; essentially the service was very hands-on and personal. Within the first minute of me contacting them, I was sent a menu and told which items were and were not available for delivery the next day.

Tip –  The Juicy Jane and the Chicken Wok-fried rice were crowd favourites, and you won’t regret trying them out!



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