Pink Salt | Restaurant Review

Pink Salt; a package deal for the sun, sand and flavours from the sea! 

Along the coastal line of Dehiwala lies Pink Salt, where you can relish the setting sun in all its glory while devouring an array of Asian fusion dishes by Head Chef Jayantha and his team. 

This restaurant, which is women-led for the most part and employs differently-abled people, started as a cloud kitchen during the peak of COVID-19 and finally opened its doors to the public for dine-in in January of 2022, dishing out mouthwatering Thai and Chinese cuisine.

The restaurant does not serve alcohol, but you can always bring your own bottle (BYOB) for absolutely no additional charge!

Out with the explanations, in with the food. Keep reading to find out more!


Prawn Balls – LKR 1,660 (5/5)

Saying that the Prawn Balls were amazing would merely be an understatement because it was – in my opinion – the best dish out of everything we had, and the other dishes weren’t the least of their kind either! The juicy filling made with a mix of minced prawns, herbs and spices was coated in a crispy crouton exterior with a side of their in-house sweet chilli sauce to tie it all together. This Chinese dish comes in a batch of 4 for one portion, and trust me when I say it was love at first bite! 

Hot Butter Cuttlefish – LKR 1600 (4/5)

This dish is a hot seller at Pink Salt, and you can already guess why. Hot, buttery and fried to perfection, it makes for an out-and-out stand-alone dish to go along with your drinks of choice, which reminds me, they accommodate BYOB!

Pink Salt also serves HBC Set Menus that come with your choice of noodles or rice – the traditional and most popular combo being; Vegetable Fried Rice, Chop Suey and a Fried Egg with a side of Chilli Paste.


Seafood Egg Noodles – LKR 2,080 (M) / LKR 2500 (L) (5/5)

This dish comes with generous amounts of cuttlefish and prawns and is extremely flavourful paired with the freshness of the veggies. Tip: For a small additional cost, you could request extra spice to level up the dish to your liking because some of us (myself in this case) enjoy a kick of spice.

Two Kinds Of Mushroom – LKR 1,210 (4/5)

As the name already suggests, this Thai dish incorporates two kinds of mushrooms; an oyster and a local mushroom mix. With its hints of garlickiness, this sweet and spicy dish makes up for a cosy vegetarian accompaniment. 

Sizzling Beef – LKR 1,670 (5/5)

Served on a sizzling platter, this Chinese delicacy is made of premium cuts of beef tossed in thick pepper sauce, with its moist texture intact. Combined with the Seafood Egg Noodles, this was a definite hit for me!


Warm Chocolate Brownie – LKR 520 (5/5)

This warm bonne bouche is rich and fudgy. Served with a cold scoop of vanilla ice cream, it’s the ultimate power couple. I mean, who could say no to dessert by the beach?

Blush Blondies – LKR 340 (5/5)

This pink, hot delicacy has chunks of white chocolate, which melts in your mouth. It has a moist texture and is a perfect dupe of a white chocolate blondie, but in pink, because at the end of the day, you’re dining at PINK Salt!


Lime and Mint Blend – LKR 560 (5/5)

A lime and mint blend is a classic thirst quencher – and Pink Salt knows how to get it right. It pairs perfectly with any meal of your choice with just the right amount of sweetness.

Iced Coffee Milkshake – LKR 750 (3/5)

What’s better than iced coffee and a milkshake? An iced coffee milkshake! As a coffee lover myself, I would’ve loved a more intense coffee flavour to shine through, but overall, the milkshake was rich with milk and ice cream and made up a satisfying treat. Tip: Don’t hesitate to request the servers to add a bit of extra coffee to intensify your drink – the staff can be super accommodating.


What really sets Pink Salt apart from other restaurants by the beach is their 10/10 customer service and the greenery that keeps the space sheltered from the heat. The mini-jungle-at-the-beach vibe gives customers their privacy, while the fairy lights add on to the magical experience at night.

Be it a casual or fancy dining experience with family, friends, your partner or solo, you’ll find all your needs more than satisfied. What’s more, Pink Salt is pet-friendly, so your furry friends are also invited!

Pink Salt not only operates as a restaurant but is also open to host various interactive events for its customers, including live music events, open mic nights and the Pink Pola (hosted at the end of every month). The Pink Pola, welcomes online-based small businesses to collaborate, network and build their community.

On the whole, Pink Salt is home to flavoursome and quality food – and you’re missing out if you haven’t been here yet! 

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