Bullet Train Takes You On A Wild Ride From Start To Finish!

Bullet Train delivers high speed thrills with incredible sequences of martial arts, plenty of humour and Tarantinoesque gore in brilliant adaptation of Kōtarō Isaka’s 2010 novel. (Spoilers ahead)

In a story of revenge, several hitman board the Tohoku Shinkansen traveling from Tokyo station on different missions, yet all connected by a single briefcase full of ransom. Pitt plays Ladybug, a hired operative who, like every semi-retired hitman, is looking for inner peace and his place in the universe, sadly it is not going to be at the next stop.

Director David Leitch (John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool) brings together a brilliantly talented cast, none better than Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who all clearly enjoyed getting into these eclectic roles that entertain with martial arts action, doses of pop culture and dark comedy. And even though the movie is centred around Pitts character Ladybug, this ensemble of assassins with wry pseudonyms and individual styles, killing people with everything from C4 to snake venom, the Wolf, Hornet, Tangerine, and Lemon seem to survive long enough to see this film through some of its moments of absurdity.

There is a strong Guy Ritchie vibe in Zac Olkewicz script and leaves little room for drama, which the talented Joey King owns in a role as the offspring of the ‘white death’ (not soft edges here), a Russian crime lord, seeking revenge (again) for the assassination of his wife.

Everyone is a little bit angry and yet they manage the ludicrous exchanges with large doses of sensibility and humour, a bit like Jackie Chan, when he does not really want to fight you, but he must.

Bullet Train is not going to break the box office no matter how fast it goes, but it will make the ride thoroughly enjoyable.


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