Brunch Au Soleil | Restaurant Review

“As the name and the vibes go; come brunch under the sun!”

The owners of Giovanni’s, Dimuthu Gamage and Cakeaholic, Manuki Karunaratne have come together in a new venture, made for the sole purpose of giving the people of Colombo something that we have all come to love and enjoy, be it with our friends or family; brunch. 

A favourite pastime in Colombo, and although new to the scene, Brunch Au Soleil, is wasting no time carving out its spot in Colombo’s brunch club. Their speciality menu includes a fusion of different cuisines and offers a variety of healthy food selections, plus vegan options upon request. The entire menu is curated by Manuki, who started Brunch Au Soleil in November 2022. 

Read on to see what we tried!



Fried Chicken LKR 990 (5/5)

The ideal spicy and crunchy snack! It’s excellent on its own, but the sauce gives it some oomph. With the actual chicken sizes being more popcorn chicken-like and less fast food chain (if you know, you know), this makes this fried chicken a top-notch snack/appetiser. 

Kiwi Strawberry Parfait LKR 1,750 (4/5)

Anyone up for a light and healthy breakfast? Made using a chia seed pudding with granola and yoghurt, this dish is topped with a generous helping of kiwi and strawberry slices. And of course, almond flakes and bees honey are also added for that natural sweetness and texture.  This can be made vegan upon request, so it is a great option for vegetarians and vegans at the restaurant. 



Cuttlefish Burger LKR 2,100 (5/5)

This one’s for the hot butter cuttlefish fans (myself included)! The crispy and peppery HBC came layered on a soft, pillowy homemade brioche bun, alongside some sweet onions and mayonnaise. Also included in the meal was a generous portion of sweet potato fries, that – believe it or not – rivalled the HBC helping on the burger, to be honest. The dish was also accompanied by a special homemade sweet chilli mayo which helped the burger and fries shine. 

Hyderabad Biryani – LKR 2,250 (5/5)

So, being a bit of a biryani fanatic, I was super excited to dive into Brunch Au Soleil’s signature biriyani. It follows the traditional Hyderabad biryani style, but here’s the twist – they offer a vegan version too. I personally went all-in on the non-vegan goodness. Straying from the traditional dish (in a good way), Hyderabad had chicken wings mixed into their rice. And if that’s not enough chicken for you, there’s a tasty chicken thigh on the side, along with onion raita and pineapple chutney. You could immediately taste the many spices mixed into the aromatic rice. Oh, and they sneak in a bit of yoghurt, to make it extra juicy and give it that perfect biriyani flavour.

Note: In the vegan version of the Hyderabad Biriyani, the chicken curry is substituted with tofu curry.



Mini Kimbula – LKR 1,350 (5/5) 

This is what you get if a regular kimbula bun that we all know and love gets a facelift! Filled with Nutella (you can never go wrong with that) and cheesecake cream (you heard right), every single bite was a piece of heaven and a sugar rush waiting to happen. The almond flakes on the top of the bun was a nice and crunchy touch. All in all, this makes a fun treat for you to indulge in. 

Butter Croissant and Hot Chocolate – LKR 1,250 (4/5) 

Picture dunking a buttery, flaky pastry into rich hot chocolate. Just talking about this warm, crispy and chocolatey combo is making my mouth water all over again. Now we know you’re thinking; isn’t it no better than a chocolate croissant? No, we’re talking about the EXPERIENCE! Brunch Au Soleil’s croissants are made fresh every morning, which of course you can tell from the first bite. 



Skin Elixir – LKR 990 (3/5) 

Your body will thank you for a drink like this. This detox champion is made with milk, turmeric, almonds, bananas, and mango. It will leave you feeling as satisfied as after a full meal. What’s more, you can request it to be made vegan if that’s more your vibe. According to the owner, the ingredients incorporated in this drink fight off inflammation and give you glowing skin. They call it the “skin elixir” because, well, it works wonders for your skin! Although it was a great healthy alternative, I felt as though it was lacking in flavour a bit. Despite having a somewhat fruity taste, the flavour of the drink was overpowered by the thickness of the smoothie.  

Matcha Frappucino LKR 1,250 (5/5) 

Excuse the pun, but I loved this so “matcha”! The drink itself was milky and not overly sweet. It came topped with a thick layer of whipped cream and matcha powder. A good frappuccino is known for its silky and super refreshing taste; this drink was just that! 

Peach Iced Tea LKR 550 (5/5) 

This peach iced tea had a fizzy aftertaste in addition to its sweet flavour. The drink is made similar to a mojito, minus the mint leaves.  The moment you think you’re having a simple iced tea, you get a little something extra. 



Just like its name ‘Brunch Au Soleil’, which means “brunch under the sun”, you immediately get the feel of an Italian cafe whilst sitting outside in their lush, spacious area. It’s the spot to kick back with your crew, enjoy some live tunes courtesy of the resident musician, Anuda Thathsara, and dive into their delicious eats and drinks. But it’s not just about the eats; it’s also the cosy atmosphere that seals the deal. If you’ve been to Giovanni’s you’re probably familiar with their exceptional customer service, which you can expect to find at Brunch Au Soleil too.

This breakfast, lunch and brunch spot in Thimbirigasyaya is an ideal, casual and cosy BYOB brunch spot that should be on your list for your next brunch outing. 

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