WSO2 Announces Free Linux Systems Administration and DevOps Engineering Training Program

Aimed at closing the skills gap, the company commits to a program that builds foundational digital skills by providing access to high-quality computer science training resources

WSO2, the leader in digital transformation technology, has designed a six-month training program in Linux Systems Administration and DevOps Engineering. Through this project, WSO2 aims to expand access to educational materials, broaden the scope for career growth, and develop the skills necessary to solve upcoming IT challenges. The initiative, which is part of WSO2’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts and is headed by the company’s Digital Operations team, will be offered free of charge to over 100 participants.

WSO2 has successfully developed talented systems engineers and DevOps engineers. Our DevOps engineers manage the complete platform-as-a-service (PaaS) lifecycle and use the latest technology to operate large-scale cloud environments. Meanwhile, systems engineers ensure that the Linux-based WSO2 infrastructure operates seamlessly, maintaining systems availability 24/7 with security protocols in place. We are keen to share our knowledge for the betterment of the industry.

This program is ideal for new professional Linux systems administrators and DevOps engineers, as well as senior undergraduate students; the program will equip participants with the key skills and technical know-how to kickstart a career. This training material consists of courses with ample instructional content as well as hands-on exercises and projects designed to hone skills. The courses in this program will help participants develop skill sets in a variety of technologies.

“As an organisation, we strive to continuously upskill our employees. These very same employees are building a platform to give back to the community with the knowledge they have garnered over the years,”  said Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2 founder and CEO. “Our aim is to foster sustainable growth and provide career opportunities to professionals in the IT industry.”

The course will be delivered online and will consist of over 50 hours of online classes. Students are required to invest an additional 200-plus hours in practical work to further their knowledge. Attendees will be given a monthly stipend to cover any expenses they may incur in order to participate in this course.

Interested participants must submit their applications via the registration form, along with a 300-word explanation on why they want to apply and why they want to work in Linux systems administration and DevOps engineering. Information about prior exposure to the subject matter needs to be included in the self-introduction. Furthermore, shortlisted candidates will be given a Linux-based challenge to be completed via an online platform in order to determine the final course participants.

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