Vision Care focuses on the importance of women’s eyecare on International Women’s Day

Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s largest eye care solutions provider, is marking International Women’s Day by bringing attention to the importance of proper eyecare among women.

Women are always known to prioritize the well-being of their family and while doing so tend to overlook their own health, including their vision, leading to potential long-term health problems. All women, especially those who are 40 and older, should get a dilated eye exam through a professional and continue to do so once a year as early detection is important to prevent vision loss. One of the dangers is Presbyopia, an eye condition which usually occurs around the age of 40, where your eye slowly loses the ability to focus quickly on objects that are close. With early detection there is a possibility that Presbyopia may be corrected using eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

When it comes to your daily lives, accidents that can potentially injure your eyes happen every day but 90% of them are preventable. As a majority of eye injuries occur at home, a simple step such as wearing eye protection when using tools and dangerous chemicals can keep your eyes safe. At work, it is important to give your eyes a rest by stepping away from your computer for a few minutes every hour. While working on a computer, always remember to blink and look away from the screen every few minutes. If your job involves tasks that can endanger your eyes, always use protections such as goggles.

Women are more likely to wear cosmetic contact lenses. If these lenses are not purchased without a proper prescription from non-professionals at shops, boutiques, and online stores, various vision problems can arise. If you wish to wear these fashionable lenses, always remember to consult with a licensed eye care professional first. Also, never trade or share your contact lenses with your friends. Along with all these precautions, proper nutrition is also an important factor that can affect the health of your eyes. Adding dark green vegetables to your meals have shown to potentially reduce the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

According to scientific research, most women’s vision problems are age-related, such as cataracts and macular degeneration, some are caused by hormonal issues. Dry eye syndrome is more common in women after menopause, affecting those who are middle-aged and older. In younger women, a sudden surge in hormones during pregnancy may result in changes in vision including dry eye, refractive errors, diabetic retinopathy and puffy eyelids. While most of these conditions are temporary and will disappear post-delivery, expectant women should be aware of the signs and symptoms as they may indicate a serious problem.

While following simple eye care steps daily, also remember to get your eyes checked regularly by a professional who uses the latest technology, to make sure you’re keeping them as healthy as possible. Vision Care offers high quality eye surgeon consultation, eye testing, spectacles, sunglasses, contact lenses as well as hearing aids and hearing testing. It has also pioneered the introduction of the best range of eyewear brands recognised globally to the local market. High quality, high precision contact lenses, optical and ophthalmic products are available at all outlets. Vision Care customers are able to choose from a wide array of top global brands for frames and sunglasses.

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