SLIM restarts the recognition of brands that excelled during adversity

With the onset of the Covid19 pandemic businesses came to a virtual standstill with economies plummeting and the integrity of brands being tested as never before. The uncertainty still continues to plague enterprises and across the globe brands are trying to survive by reviewing and readjusting their business models. Despite the drawbacks of the pandemic adversely affecting the entire world there are brands out there that have remained true to their brand promises and values, performing through adversity with the best interests of all stakeholders in mind.

SLIM Brand Excellence is the only local event that has continued to be the benchmark for brand performance. Now SLIM is opening its platform to enable local brands to come forward and tell their stories. Held for the 19th consecutive year by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, the Brand Excellence Awards have continued to recognize brands for their successful performance and helped them reach the global platform. This year, brands that conquered adversity with their strength of perseverance, innovative outlook and sustainable processes have an opportunity to be recognized in this prestigious national event.

SLIM will be announcing the award criteria, the selected jury and more details of SLIM Brand Excellence in the near future. Participants can obtain more information by connecting via Zoom on 22nd July at 11:00 am.

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