Seylan Tikiri and WNPS Inspire Kids to Connect with Nature Through Backyard Photography Competition

Seylan Tikiri, the pioneer Children’s Savings brand which has continuously partnered with the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) to cultivate a deep appreciation for nature among the younger generation, recently presented its backyard photography competition for Wild Kids.

This initiative is part of Seylan Tikiri’s commitment to foster environmental consciousness and a love for nature among Sri Lankan children. This exciting collaboration took children back to the basics of connecting with Mother Nature through the lens of a camera.

The competition saw an astounding response from enthusiastic young photographers across the island. Kids from all corners of the country participated, showcasing their creativity and passion for nature. The impressive number of photographs submitted reflects the deep connection that children have with the natural world, proving that when given the opportunity, children are more than eager to engage with and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature.

After careful consideration, the winners of the Backyard Photography Competition were rewarded with Tikiri WNPS branded explorer packs, consisting of an eco-friendly bag, a cap, and a magnifying glass. The explorer packs are designed to encourage these young nature enthusiasts to continue their exploration of the wonders of the natural world. Additionally, they foster the valuable habit of saving from a tender age. Through the ‘Seylan Tikiri’ Savings Account, the Bank seeks to impart money management skills in the lives of these budding savers and pave the way for financial success.

This partnership between Seylan Tikiri and WNPS is a testament to their shared vision of nurturing the love for nature and wildlife conservation among the youth of Sri Lanka. It not only underscores their commitment to the environment but also serves as a reminder of the importance of connecting children with the world outside their screens.

As a brand that embodies its values, Seylan Tikiri is committed to conducting various activities throughout the year for the benefit of Tikiri Kids. These activities not only encourage children to cultivate good habits but also provide them with valuable experiences during their childhood while promoting savings. Parents who wish to open doors to a world of benefits, including bonus interest, gift vouchers, and more, for their children below the age of 15 are encouraged to open a Tikiri account. Visit the nearest Seylan Bank branch or call 200 88 88 to open a Tikiri account today.

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