Multilac benchmarks as a proven solution provider for quality coatings internationally at the 29th NCE Export Awards

Multilac, a heritage brand of Macksons Holdings and Sri Lanka’s largest exporter of paint, continued its winning streak by bagging multiple awards at the 2021 National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) Awards. Multilac won the Gold Award in the Large Category and the Award for Best Performer in R&D (Research and Development), at the glittering ceremony held at Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo on 21st January 2022.

NCE Export Awards is the flagship event organized by NCE in order to recognize and reward outstanding performances of Sri Lankan exporters. These multiple awards showcase Multilac as the highest quality paints manufacturer capturing international markets, and Multilac’s dedication to innovation through research & development.

During its 40-year journey, Multilac has reached the pinnacle of the paints and surface coatings industry in Sri Lanka. Being a Heritage Brand of the Macksons Group, Multilac has won innumerable awards over the years including the Export Brand of the Year, the Best Sri Lankan Enterprise and the Presidential Export Award. With its unparalleled reputation for its commitment to customer needs and innovation, Multilac products are popular in robust international markets.

Macksons Paints Industries Director/Chief Executive Officer Mizha Mizver Ismail: “We have always said that Multilac is proudly Sri Lankan. We have ventured beyond borders to bring global recognition and pride to our motherland. So, it is a great honour to continuously be recognized by the NCE. The theme of the NCE Awards this year was “Rise, Rebuild and Regain” so Multilac winning these accolades is a testament to our perseverance and commitment to excellence in maintaining the highest international standards, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.”

When bestowing awards, the National Chamber of Exporters recognizes various key aspects of a business such as People, Profit and Planet. It is noteworthy that Macksons is dedicated to the wellbeing of its people, recently becoming the only private employer in Sri Lanka to announce a minimum per head salary increase of LKR 5,000. The group also has a stellar record of successful and impactful CSR projects, the most recent being large scale donation of medical supplies during COVID, and promoting toxin free organic agriculture for the benefit of the entire nation.

Multilac 3 in 1 waterproofing paint is a versatile product for interior and exterior walls, roofs and bathrooms. Multilac waterproofing sealer, Multilac 2k sealer, non-yellowing white, 10 year guarantee exterior solutions, waterproofing solutions for concrete roof slabs, the colour bank network are innovations that has exceeded the current industry standards and Multilac is proud that International brands have started to follow these products, which have become the generic benchmarks among consumers locally and internationally.

Caption – From left; Mrs. Shameela Mizver – Head of Finance Macksons Holdings,  Mr. Mizver Makeen – Managing Director Macksons Holdings, Mrs. Mizha Mizver Ismail – Director / CEO Macksons Paint Industries, Mr. Ismail Hussain – Chief Operating Officer Macksons Paints Lanka Pvt Ltd, Mr. Shahid Rishard – Assistant Manager – IT Macksons Paints Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Ananda Weeratunga- Production ManagerMacksons Paint Industries  (Pvt) Ltd and Mrs. Nilrukshi De Silva – Senior Vice President Macksons Holdings.

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