Mint: Reinventing the Agency Game

Are you still stuck in the Mad Men era, envisioning traditional ad agencies as the sole creators of campaigns to sell products? It’s time to break free from that sea of sameness and embrace Mint’s fresh perspective. According to Chandu De Silva, the Founder and Director, Mint defines itself not merely as an “Ad Agency” but as a partner in the business of strategy, marketing, and communications.

The core team’s evolving role is better described by ten members of Mint, and their top answers are below.

Strategic Partnership and Data-Driven Marketing

In the evolving landscape, Mint emphasizes the importance of forging a strategic partnership when selecting an agency. This transcends traditional roles, with the agency’s success intricately tied to the growth of the partnership. Chanuka Suraweera, Co-Founder, highlights the pivotal role of a Data-Driven Digital Marketing Strategist, utilizing extensive aggregated big data for informed decision-making.

A Holistic Approach to Business Growth

Functioning as an outsourced CMO and an integral extension of clients, Mint blurs the lines between advertising, PR, and marketing. Our commitment goes beyond conventional advertising; we immerse ourselves in clients’ businesses, considering their success as our own. Chandu De Silva emphasizes the shift in priorities, offering customized solutions that transcend boundaries.

Brand Excellence: Beyond Ads to Transformative Experiences

Mint challenges the notion that ads are the be-all and end-all of marketing. Damitha Ekanayake, Head of Operations, highlights the agency’s role as Brand Experience Builders. In today’s customer-centric landscape, creating exceptional brand experiences at every touchpoint is paramount. While ads play a role, Mint’s commitment lies in optimizing the customer journey for a personalized and consistent experience.

Versatile Solutions: Your All-Inclusive Marketing Partner

Addressing the growing demand for comprehensive marketing services, Mint transforms into a Personal Marketing Department. They reject the idea of limiting their offerings, positioning themselves as an all- in-one agency ready to address any marketing needs. Mineli Dahanayake, Head of Content Strategy, emphasizes the agency’s role as a Relationship Agency, focusing on building connections and providing ongoing value.

Navigating Business Growth in the Digital Era

Mint positions itself as a “Business Growth Enabler” in anticipation of increased specialization in the agency sector. Ritch Tranchell, Senior Account Manager, highlights the agency’s role as a Digital Watchdog, immersing itself in the ever-evolving digital world to enhance understanding, reach, and interaction with consumers.

Creativity Expert

Creativity is no longer confined to the “ad guys”; it’s a business weapon that must be infused into products and services from day one. Sameera Nuwan, Creative Director, asserts Mint’s expertise in creativity, emphasizing its necessity for success in today’s competitive landscape.

Design and Innovation Agency

In a world where simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Mint sees itself as a design and innovation agency shaping modern brands for a purpose-driven future. Shehan Lakshitha, Art Director, highlights the agency’s focus on working with forward-looking companies.

Ad Innovator

The traditional “agency” model is evolving into an “innovation” model at Mint. Rikshan Jahan, Digital Designer, stresses the need for continuous innovation in an era where consumers have unprecedented control over content consumption.

Agile Marketer

Mint recognizes the necessity for agility in today’s digital world. Hasitha Gunaratne, Community Manager, emphasizes the importance of adapting strategies across channels based on real-time data.

In conclusion, Mint transcends the traditional ad agency model, positioning itself as a strategic partner, brand experience builder, and all-inclusive marketing department, embracing creativity, innovation, and agility. It’s time to move beyond the sea of sameness and let Mint’s fresh ideas find you.


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