Maniumpathy and Fox Resorts join hands for an authentic Jaffna Food Festival

Foodies in Colombo can prime their palates for an authentic Jaffna Food Festival from 7th to 11th October at the exclusive Maniumpathy Boutique Hotel and Restaurant in Colombo, in partnership with Fox Resorts Jaffna.

Chefs Experienced in Jaffna flavours will be specially brought down from Fox Resorts Jaffna for the Food Festival at Maniumpathy to whip up traditional Jaffna vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes to delight the discerning diners. Guests can enjoy an exclusive fine dining experience at the grand Maniumpathy property, which has been home to five generations of a family originating in Jaffna. The century-old building exudes classic colonial architecture, with each room named after matriarchs from each generation of the family.

True Jaffna style cuisine is unique fare which is hard to come by in Colombo but this eagerly anticipated Jaffna Food Festival will offer diners a chance to savour a wonderful array of traditional Jaffna dishes made to closely guarded recipes which have been handed down from generation to generation. The Jaffna Food Festival will showcase an eclectic range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine to cater to every palate. Delicious Jaffna Crab curry, Khool soup, Mutton Poriyaal, Mutton Liver stir fry, Jaffna style Prawns, Dry Cuttle Fish Curry, Sura Varai, Vendiya Kolumbu, Brinjal white curry, Fried Drumstick Curry and the legendary Poriccha Edichcha Sambol are some examples of traditional Jaffna fare that will feature prominently on the menu during the food promotion.

We are delighted to bring the authentic taste of the North to Maniumpathy, said Executive Chef. Lucky Liyanaarchchi of Maniumpathy Pvt Ltd. Fox Jaffna and Maniumpathy are both storied, ancestral family homes that have been lovingly converted into exquisite boutique hotels, paying tribute to the deep history, heritage, and culture of Jaffna through tasteful design, authentic cuisine, and heartfelt hospitality.

Commenting on the promotion, Chris Quyn, CEO, Fox Resorts says: “Fox Resorts is delighted to announce our partnership with Maniumpathy to bring Colombo residents an authentic taste of Jaffna. Fox Jaffna couldn’t have made a better choice in selecting a Colombo partner for this promotion.”

Diners can enjoy the food festival with an a la carte menu for lunch from 12 noon to 2:30 pm; or at a daily dinner buffet from 7:00-10:00 pm during the Jaffna Food Festival. The Jaffna Food promotion will be held from 7-11th October at Maniumpathy, 129 Kynsey Road, Colombo 08.

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