IBM outlines Cloud and AI led digital transformation strategy for Sri Lanka

Strengthens collaboration with PMsquare in Data and Analytics to help customers in the country Emerge Smarter from the pandemic

IBM today outlined a comprehensive strategy for Sri Lanka driven by Hybrid Cloud, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), underpinned by Cybersecurity at a virtual round-table meeting.

As organisations are beginning to reset, recover and revive their business to emerge smarter from the pandemic, IBM will focus on helping them adapt to the new normal by infusing AI into their workflows, shifting to hybrid cloud, strengthening cybersecurity and automating IT processes.   

As part of this strategy, IBM today announced the extension of its global partnership with PMsquare, a Platinum IBM business partner in Sri Lanka. PMsquare will collaborate with IBM on Data & Business Analytics solutions to co-create and co-innovate with, and for clients in the market. IBM has been a key partner in the technology-driven development of Sri Lanka’s business & industry for over 58 years.

Sandip Patel, Managing Director, IBM India/South Asia said, “Sri Lanka has managed to successfully navigate one of the most difficult crises in recent human history and turn around its biggest challenges. The move to Digital has accelerated in the new normal and IBM is leading the way in helping our clients build resilience through a technology driven business transformation. With a strong channel ecosystem, a robust hybrid cloud capability and deep cybersecurity expertise, we are poised to take the lead in helping Sri Lankan enterprises emerge smarter in their digital transformation journey.”

IBM works with several partners in Sri Lanka, helping clients leverage technology in their digital transformation journey. IBM’s strong ecosystem strategy in Sri Lanka enables it to reach out to companies across different sectors, regardless of their size and revenue models.

“IBM nurtures an ecosystem of global business partners that operate in more than 170 countries. Sri Lanka’s partner ecosystem plays an important role in IBMs business strategy as we build deep engagements with our partners to co-create and co-innovate for our customers. Post pandemic, businesses will turn to solutions like Watson AIOps and Cloud Paks to future proof their business. As a global partner, PMsquare’s entry into the Sri Lankan market will make these technologies more accessible and easier to implement for customers,” stated Riza Wadood, Country General Manager, IBM Sri Lanka

Reinforcing IBM’s ecosystem commitment, IBM recently announced a new PartnerWorld programme that provides clear pathways for business partners to create applications, develop code, integrate their intellectual property (IP) or deliver services with the IBM Cloud. This includes helping clients with their hybrid multicloud strategies, which is not limited to just solutions but also services to deliver them successfully.

PMsquare, a leading data analytics consultancy combining international reach with experience across Asia. PMsquare has been an IBM business partner for over 13 years. The company has offices across APAC with representative offices in Europe and North America. It has delivered over 300 performance management and Business Intelligence implementations across the globe. PMsquare Sri Lanka office is located in Colombo.

“PMsquare Sri Lanka already has a customer base of large companies whose combined revenue figures are close to USD 88bn –the annual GDP of Sri Lanka.” said Jason Rankin CA, Regional Director Asia and Group CFO, PMsquare. “After developing the team in Sri Lanka, PMsquare has partnered with IBM to promote IBM Business Analytics solutions to Sri Lankan businesses. IBM is well known for its technology capabilities and now with PMsquare, clients can focus on improving their collaborative planning by using AI powered solutions such as IBM Planning Analytics© and IBM Decision Optimization©.”

PMsquare provides AI-powered IBM Business Analytics solutions that can help companies tackle complex tasks like production optimization, scheduling, routing, demand management and improve their strategy planning with forecasting and advanced predictive capabilities. Many companies have strong ERP tools, but when it comes to strategic planning most still use single user applications that do not have features to support actual planning functions such as stress testing, scenario planning, sensitivity analysis, what-if analysis, simulations, discovering trends/correlations, etc.  PMsquare will leverage solutions like IBM Planning Analytics© to streamline, automate and enhance the capabilities of current tools and provide a collaborative planning platform for multiple departments to work together.

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