Hemas Partners with Hoppers London to Establish 64th Piyawara Preschool and Provide Monthly Nutritional Support to 1,160 Children

Hemas Outreach Foundation (HOF) continues its collaboration with ‘Hoppers London’, a renowned Sri Lankan restaurant group in London, to extend their “Feed the Future” project, addressing the nutritional needs of vulnerable children on the brink of malnutrition in selected Piyawara preschools.

The partnership was born out of the economic crisis in 2022 and reached a significant milestone in 2023 with the construction of the 64th Piyawara preschool in the remote village of Poojapitiya, Kandy. This endeavor reflects Hoppers’ dedication to support children in need, with ambitious plans to further enrich Piyawara preschools in collaboration with Hemas.

The Executive Director, Hemas Outreach Foundation, Shiromi Masakorala in a statement, expressed pride in their partnership with Hoppers London. She commended their commitment to the welfare of underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. In 2022, the initiative provided essential dry rations to 367 children and families across six Districts in 15 selected Piyawara preschools. In 2023, the project’s scope expanded, offering vital support to 1,160 children and their families in 11 Districts through 34 selected Piyawara preschools.

Launched in 2002 by the Hemas Outreach Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Piyawara represents Hemas’ continued support of the national agenda in developing Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) in the country.

“I extend my gratitude to Karan Gokani and the Hoppers team for partnering in our efforts to address a national need and ensure no child is left behind. Their unwavering commitment is truly commendable. I would also like to emphasize the necessity for Sri Lankan authorities to facilitate an environment conducive to potential donors to come forward to support the nation’s essential causes,” added Abbas Esufally, Chairman of Hemas Outreach Foundation

“We setup our first Hoppers restaurant in 2015 as a result of our love for the food, culture and people of Sri Lanka. All these years later, our passion for Sri Lanka has grown manifold, and when the crisis struck in 2022, we were heartbroken and helpless sitting so far away. I was keen to create a charitable project that was meaningful, long lasting and transparent via which Hoppers could make a real difference on the ground. Finding Abbas, Shiromi and Hemas as partners who share our vision and dedication was a dream come true. We couldn’t be more pleased with how smoothly and efficiently the project has gone so far, and are fully committed to growing our contribution and scope of support exponentially in the years to come,” added Karan Gokani of Hoppers London.


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