Expolanka Holdings PLC – Official Statement

Expolanka Holdings announced that after conducting an extensive number of PCR tests, nine of its employees have tested positive for COVID-19, it said in a statement.

Official statement issued by the company as follows: 

Expolanka PLC since the inception of the pandemic in Sri Lanka actively began pursuing proactive COVID safety protocols and immediate measures in order to ensure the safety of all its employees.

After conducting an extensive number of PCR tests, nine individuals from multiple SBUs in different locations have tested positive and have already been placed in government quarantine facilities. It is believed that these staff members contracted the virus from external sources.

We have engaged in tedious contact tracing and are conducting PCR tests for all remaining staff who have been found vulnerable. In accordance with the recent announcement made by the authorities, all staff members who were directly in contact have also been asked to self-quarantine.

As of early October, the group implemented a work from home policy for its employees with the exception of those involved in essential operations.

We are in contact with the MOH, PHI’s & the Epidemiology Unit and working closely to monitor our employees.

During these uncertain times, our efforts are focused on the well-being of all stakeholders.

We are strictly following the guidelines issued by the relevant authorities and additionally following best practices recommended by the Government and its authorities.

Major General (Rtd) Ubaya Medawela
Head of Compliance and HSES

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