Eco Spindles restores beauty of Ruhunu Katharagama Maha Dewalaya environs collecting 2306 Kg of plastic waste

For thousands of Sri Lankans, the Ruhunu Katharagama Maha Dewalaya and surrounding areas are the gateway to spiritual practice. Exhibiting a deep care and concern for the environment and helping to keep the sacred site clean, Eco Spindles (Pvt) Ltd renowned for its pioneering pathways towards recycling plastic waste, organised a clean-up at the pilgrim site recently. Notably, this programme is an annual project initiated by since 2014. Eco Spindles is a subsidiary of BPPL Holdings PLC.

The programme which took place from 21st July to 4th August, engaged over 50 enthusiastic volunteers from the ‘Soba Parisara Thurunu Samajaya’, a local youth society, and other local communities who actively supported the clean-up efforts to maintain the beauty of the surrounding environment. Eco Spindles team members also participated helping to ensure the area was restored and completely in harmony with nature.

Due to Covid-19 and following social distancing regulations, a reduction in the number of pilgrims visiting the site was evident in comparison to previous years. However, the Eco Spindles team was able to efficiently collect 80,710 bottles, amounting to an impressive 2306 kg of plastic waste

“The cleanliness and sanctity of this sacred site is often marred by plastic waste. Eco Spindles was able to actively engage local communities and youth to deepen their knowledge about environmental issues that need to be addressed and the importance of being proactive. Rooted in our company’s values is environmental ethos and sustainable manufacturing by recycling plastic waste. Programmes such as this reinforce our commitment to reduce plastic pollution. We work to ensure that PET bottles collected never become waste but are recycled to re-enter the economy as components of value-added products. Thereby we lead the charge in impacting the environment in a positive manner and also contributing to a circular economy on a national scale,” stated Dr. Anush Amarasinghe, Managing Director/CEO BPPL Holdings PLC.

Eco Spindles is at the helm of the nation’s recycling revolution addressing the dire problem of plastic pollution. The company’s well-established island-wide collection network ensures over 250 metric tons of PET plastic waste is collected monthly and transformed through state-of-the-art machinery into mono filaments for brushes and polyester yarn for fabric manufacturers worldwide. Eco Spindles passion for recycling contributes a model of care for the environment leaving a positive footprint on earth.

BPPL Holdings (, operating in Sri Lanka since 1986, is a pioneer in creating eco-friendly products and one of Asia’s largest producers of cleaning tools. Eco Spindles ( as part of the group leads the way in recycling plastic waste to produce textile polyester yarn for fabric and mono filaments for brush manufacturers. Beira Brush (Private) Ltd (, another subsidiary of the group manufactures a range of brushware including professional and household cleaning tools exported worldwide.

Photo Captions: A group of volunteers and Eco Spindles team members who participated in the clean-up organized at the Ruhunu Katharagama Maha Dewalaya surrounding areas

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