CDB Celebrates a Triumphant 25 Years of Empowering Aspirations

Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB), one of the largest and most successful NBFI’s in the country and strengthened by its commitment towards empowering a smarter and sustainable Sri Lanka, celebrates 25 years of success on 7th September 2020. Striving towards the goal of transforming Sri Lanka’s financial landscape, CDB’s journey over the past two and a half decades has been truly remarkable.

Today CDB has grown into one of the largest NBFI’s in Sri Lanka with an asset base of nearly Rs. 100 billion, serving customers of all social strata across the country. The organization has spread its wings with 71 branches across the island and employs over 1,700 inspired individuals. The company claimed its place in the prestigious Business Today Top 30 in 2019, establishing its commitment towards success.

Speaking about the journey of 25 years, CDB’s Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Nanayakkara said, “I am truly and humbly proud of this moment today, as CDB celebrates a journey of 25 years. Over the past two and a half decades, despite the many challenges, team CDB forged ahead with great motivation and strength which helped us claim our position as one of the best. Reassuring our courageous efforts, the organization continues to grow from strength to strength driven with a single-minded focus on providing the best financial solutions to empower aspirations of all Sri Lankans.

“CDB believes in its people, and over the years the organization has invested in transforming ordinary people to work towards achieving extraordinary results. As an outcome of our faith in who we employ, today CDB is one of the Top Five NBFI’s in the country with many accolades under its name. Despite a global pandemic, CDB was able to report exceptional financial results in 2020 by adopting and transforming its products and services to suit the financial needs of the moment. As we celebrate this triumphant milestone our goal for the next decade is to build a smarter and sustainable Sri Lanka. We are ready to face any obstacle ahead of us and are committed to continuing on our winning streak,” he further said.

Sustainability is one of the key pillars of growth within the organization, and over the years CDB has embraced sustainability to enhance Child Health & Education, Social Empowerment and Environmental integration with multiple initiatives. At CDB, sustainability goes beyond mere donations and transcends into transforming its business model from the grass-root level to support the cause. As a result of the organization’s dedication and commitment towards the cause, CDB was the first-ever ISO 14064 -1 carbon verified financial institution in South Asia. The ongoing efforts have earned the organization many accolades, including being recognized as one of the top ten Best Corporate Citizens in Sri Lanka at the Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in 2019.

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