Browns investments says ‘no undisclosed price-sensitive information’

Browns Investments PLC today (08) explained about the unusual trading activity in the securities of the company, to the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE).

In a letter to CSE Chief Regulatory Officer Renuke Wijayawardhane, Secretaries for Browns Investments PLC – LOLC Corporate Services (Pvt) Limited on behalf of the company stated that, “referring to the letter dated 08 January 2020 sent by the Head of Trading and Operations, Market Surveillance and Corporate Affairs of the Exchange in terms of SEC 8.4 (a) of the listing rule, the company wishes to confirm that there is ‘no undisclosed price- sensitive information’ in relation to Browns Investments PLC.”

Browns investments’ share price has increased from Rs.4.00 to Rs. 6.50 during the last 6 trading days (including the current day). As of today (08) 442 million shares of Browns investments were traded whilst 616 million shares were traded yesterday (07). Browns investments is currently the fifth largest listed company in terms of market capitalization.































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Author: Isma Izzath
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