All Govt. software requirements to be given to domestic companies

Although provisions are furnished for local selections in the government procurement guidelines, it has been observed the available limits to achieve benefits for the local suppliers and companies from those provisions.

Under the circumstances generated due to COVID – 19 pandemic conditions, local companies, and entrepreneurs expect the government assistance more.

Accordingly, the Cabinet of Ministers had approved the following proposals submitted by Prime Minister as the Minister of Finance, Economic and Policy Development.

i) Limit contract for software, hardware, furniture supply and construction would be given to companies with a domestic ownership of over 51%,

ii) Office furniture and equipment should have a 50% domestic value addition.

iii) All software should be procured from local firms, and if it is not possible, approval has to be received from the Information Communications Technology Agency and Treasury.

iv) Hardware supplies for which specifications has to be developed by the ICTA, will get a 30% preference if domestic value addition in 25% or more.

v)All contracts for housing, roads, irrigation, water supply and drainage should be given to local contractors. Foreign subcontracting should be less than 10%.


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