Sri Lanka among the top 04 sunny destinations for digital nomads that cost under $1000 per month: Travel Off Path

As digital nomads country-hopping around the world, we’re always searching for destinations based on the cost of living, whether those hard-earned dollars can stretch furthest, and of course, on how nice the weather is, particularly this time of year.

For this very reason, Europe (and much of the Northern Hemisphere) is immediately ruled out during the colder months: though it is much cheaper to live in when it’s not peak season, the freezing temperatures can be a bit of a downer for most.

It also goes without saying many digital nomads are young entrepreneurs whose small online businesses are yet to make huge profits, and trust us, though that may be the goal for some, we know not everyone has the unlimited funds to lead a luxurious lifestyle in Ibiza or Dubai just yet.

Where, then, is the sun still shining right now, and you can save a lot of money by living on less than $1,000 a month as you sample some culture?

Matara, Sri Lanka

Temple In Matara, Sri Lanka, South Asia

Located on an island country off India, the medium-sized city of Matara has long been a backpacker favorite in South Asia owing to its stunning coastal scenery and awe-inspiring traditions, but it seems to have found its calling as a nomad hotspot in recent years.

Nomads are flocking to Sri Lanka and into Matara specifically for the affordable consumer prices, simple way of life, and of course, the year-round warm weather, which rarely dips below 75.2°F. In a way, it is everything budget-conscious nomads could hope for.

It is safe, with lower levels of crime, the internet is fast (62 Mbps on average), and air quality is considered ‘good’, a rare feat for an underdeveloped Asian destination. Then, there is Matara’s immense cultural value:

Much of its colonial architecture, dating back to periods of Portuguese and Dutch settlement, has been preserved, including a star-shaped fort and an 18th-century Reformed Church 18th-century: culture, the ocean, friendly locals, and high levels of safety, all of this for under $974 a month.


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