Zero Gravity Wins Adobe eLearning Design Awards

The recently held Adobe eLearning Design awards powered by eLearning Industry drew in a number of phenomenal projects with participants from every continent of the globe. This competition was held in search of the best-designed eLearning project. It was the first-ever global engagement of its kind by Adobe, which is the leading developer of content creation software. They joined hands with the eLearning Industry, the most recognized expert knowledge-sharing platform for eLearning, to award and recognize the best-designed eLearning project. 

The innovative and creative entries in the competition displayed the highly competitive nature of the participants. This led the expert panel of judges to pick six top entries instead of the normative three, with three entries tied for first place and two entries tied for third place. Out of many competitive projects designed by talented professionals, Zero Gravity won first place along with two other projects from the UK and Georgia.  Second place was won by teams from India while the USA and Croatia shared third place.

Team Zero Gravity, with its expertise in interactive learning, converted the much-vexed theory of “The Problem-Solving Method” into a straightforward learning experience. This feat was achieved by utilizing aspects of interactivity and theory explanation techniques while using gamification techniques to enhance user experience. Representing Team Zero Gravity, Wathsala Ruberu, Anupa Somasiri and Nuwan Kekulandara were able to create a winning project with the highest quality standards the combination of these aspects. Zero Gravity has brought glory to Sri Lanka triumphing over talented global participants, as a promising EdTech startup company. They received recognition from Adobe in the form of a digital certificate, which is to be followed by the opportunity to address over 250,000 members of the global community of Adobe eLearning on the 6th of May at the event ‘eLearning Unplugged’. 

Zero Gravity is an EdTech company composed of enthusiastic professionals committed to creating innovative eLearning solutions. The years of research and development has enabled them to provide customized and innovative solutions to a wide variety of clients, in order for them to reach their learning & development goals. 

Corporates and other organizations can reap the benefits of Zero Gravity’s expertise to transform their traditional learning experience into a full-fledged eLearning experience, influenced by the newest trends of the industry.

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