Types of Couples We See in Sri Lanka

In a relationship or not, hanging out with other couples can be fun, or the complete opposite. However, being single or a third-wheel, and surrounded by couples, this read would definitely spike your interest. Here’s a list of the different types of couples you’ve probably come across in your life – you can probably even see yourself in some of them! In Sri Lanka, we’ve got our very own set of cheesy, adorable, cringy and funny couples. It’s all about perspective!


Social Media Lover

This couple is permanently attached to their phones, recording and logging every aspect of their day. Their love life is basically a blog for the world to see! Your social media feed is usually an endless update of their selfies and snaps. Their Facebook and Instagram likes are basically what keep them going. At the end of the day, most of these couples are usually peas in a pod, so it probably works out for them!




The Nibba and Nibbi (Teenage Lovers)

This is the typical teenage couple in their own little world of baby talk. Being around them, you would always hear a lot of cheesy words like ‘mage pana’, ‘baba’, ‘patiyo’ and even ‘ammiyo’ and ‘thaththiyo’. They believe in proclaiming their ‘undying love’ and affection for each other in any cringy way possible, no matter what their audience is!




The ‘Bokkas’ (The Best-friends couple)

With these couples, it’s usually a very chilled out situation, sometimes to the extent that you couldn’t tell if they were actually dating or not! They’ve usually been best friends long before dating that their relationship is more like a friendship. It’s not the hardest to third-wheel these guys as they’re very comfortable with each other and make it easy for those around them.




The Constant-Wali Couple (The Fighters)

Their relationship is a continuous warzone, and they’re ever-ready to argue over anything and everything, regardless of where they are, or who they are with. They tend to make anyone who hangs out with them extremely uncomfortable, as you never know when the atmosphere will change within seconds, from ‘baba’ to ‘yako’! No matter how much they fight, they always end up with each other!




The Long-distance Strugglers

These guys are the facetime lovers who cling on to their phones like their dear life! They are mostly just busy trying to sort out their conflicting time-zones and schedules. It may go from sleeping on the phone while the other is on the line, to barely catching a few minutes of talk-time for days. These guys truly give you hope, if they actually end up working out.




The ‘Aiya-Nangi’ Couple 

This couple takes nicknaming to a whole other level. This typically starts when a guy, who doesn’t necessarily have to be much older, tries to build a friendship on a ‘brotherly bond’. Eventually they end up dating and continue to call each other ‘aiya’ and ‘nangi’. To some, even marriage won’t stop this.




The On-and-Off Couple

Are they together this week or not? Inviting this couple for meetups and outings can get quite frustrating and awkward. Their relationship status is a constant fluctuation and it can get real confusing to those around them. One minute they’re deeply in love, the next minute they’re at each other’s throats and ‘done for good’ (It’s never the case)! As much as the drama is entertaining, it can get pretty exhausting to keep up with!




The Tuition Sweethearts 

This is the typical tuition class sweetheart relationship. Sometimes they might be a tuition teacher’s highest contributors, as these couples tend to make sure they join the same tuition class, just to have some time together! It’s also a reason to not find it alien to see a business student in a 3-hour chemistry class twice a week. They tell each other their love is forever, which, at most times, would actually mean a combination of 3 months!




The ‘Rahas’ couple (The Secret Affair)

This couple never actually admits to anyone that they are together. They haven’t told anyone about their relationship yet, and they assume people around them are ignorant enough to not get their constant eye-gazing and not-so-subtle blushing. They’re often outed to the public by a couple of close friends who find it hard to keep this ‘top secret affair’ to themselves.




The ‘Wanna-be-best’ couple

This couple has a constant need to just be better than whoever else they hang out with, even if it’s their best friends! Whether it is to feel better about their relationship, or superior to who they’re with, it’s a continuous competition to be better than other couples. You often get asked how you do things, and you get told how they do things differently, and how it is somehow better. It gets a little sad when other parties don’t indulge, but competition is in our blood, so you can’t really blame them for trying!


There you go folks! Have we missed any couples? Let us know in the comments!

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