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“A taste of Italy? Truffles Pizzeria is where it’s at!”

Truffles Pizzeria is all about blending classic Italian flavours with a touch of Sri Lankan flair. And let me tell you, it’s a winning combo, but what sets them apart are their ingredients; authentic ingredients imported straight from Italy. For instance, their Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is aged for 24 months, adding an extra layer of richness to their dishes.

The mastermind behind it all, Yoshitha Peiris, grew up in Italy, tasting food from all over the country. Now, he’s on a mission to bring that same authentic taste to us here in Sri Lanka. So without further ado, let’s dig in!


Garlic Focaccia — LKR 1,400 (4/5)

This garlic-infused almost-pizza-looking dish is made with creamy butter and is generously smothered over a bed of melted mozzarella cheese. Enter their handmade kochchi sauce, a fiery little concoction, that’s not for the faint of heart. I’ll be honest, it was a bit too spicy for me to handle, but a dab of it goes perfectly with the texture of the garlic and butter, making it both creamy and spicy. Fair warning, make sure you have a cool drink on standby before you take the plunge!


Truffle Monster Pizza — LKR 3,800 (5/5)

Just listing the number of ingredients in this pizza is a mouthful. Picture this; a flatbread pizza with juicy chicken, crispy bacon, spicy pepperoni – and the cherry on top, smokey Italian bacon, generously topped with gooey mozzarella, strips of bell peppers, and Parmesan! It’s all atop their special fusion sauce which is, let’s just say, a trade secret. Somehow, amidst all that meaty goodness in the pizza, every flavour shines through.

Budu Ammo Cheese Pizza — LKR 3,600 (5/5)

Made with a generous helping of blue cheese, mozzarella, gouda, Parmigiana Reggiana and the secret ingredient, truffle oil! This pizza is a cheesy delight, to say the least. The flavour of the blue cheese takes centre stage, giving a distinctive, bold taste without overpowering the dish. If you’re a cheese enthusiast seeking a light yet satisfying option, this pizza is a must-try — plus, it’s an excellent choice for vegetarians.

Authentic Carbonara Pasta — LKR 3,900 (5/5)

Absolutely delicious, which explains why it disappeared so soon. You’ve got your classic ingredients; egg yolks and pecorino cheese. But here’s the kicker; unlike most restaurants that use bacon or chicken, Truffles uses a special type of meat called guanciale, which is Italian dry-aged pork. From the first bite, you’re hit with the salty flavour and crispy texture of the meat as well as the creaminess of the pasta. What blew my mind was that the egg yolks and cheese did all the work to be creamy — which meant no extra cream needed!

Pork Ragu Lasagna —  LKR 2,800 LKR (4/5)

This dish is the smooth, cheesy, bacon-filled goodness that every lasagna lover (looking at you Garfield) dreams of. It was filling enough that you could enjoy it as a full meal yourself, but not so heavy that you couldn’t enjoy a few slices of pizza from around the table. They went a little hard on the tomato sauce, which overpowered the flavours in my opinion, but perhaps those of you who prefer your lasagna more on the saucy side could have a crack at it.


Tiramisu — LKR 1,000 (5/5)

I was completely lost in the melt-in-your-mouth texture of Truffles’ light and fluffy dessert. The delicate and sweet flavour of the mascarpone cheese blends perfectly with the dark taste of the espresso which comes presented in a small glass bowl. This traditional tiramisu is an absolute must-have if you want to finish your meal with a BANG!


Nutella Milkshake — LKR 970 (5/5)

Sipping on the Nutella milkshake was like diving headfirst into a melted Ferrero Rocher! Their generous use of Nutella meant that it was rich, sweet and utterly delicious. It was thick and creamy but not too heavy and left room for the meal to come.


As you enter, your eye is immediately drawn to the huge Truffles wall mural. The cafe-esque surroundings remind me of a little Italian trattoria.

You can opt to sit indoors where it’s calm and cosy or on the patio outdoors if you prefer a little breeze. Perfect for large crowds, the patio comes with a picnic table that is right next to the wood fire oven. This means you are treated to the smells of freshly baked pizzas while you wait for your meal. The crew at Truffles is quick yet detailed in their food preparation, not to mention super attentive to their customers.

This hidden gem in the centre of Borella deserves to be discovered because;

A. They serve you a quality product with exceptional ingredients

B. They’re located in a quaint little space away from the buzz

C. They’re BYOB with no extra corkage charges — perfect for a casual hangout with friends and family or pre-drinks maybe?

Did you know?

  • They accommodate delivery via UberEats
  • They have live music performances every Friday night!

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