The Untold Story of My Lover by Sharmila Jayasinghe Niriella

“I will come for you,” he had said looking into her eyes, a solid promise he intended to keep.”

A melange of conflicting emotions stirred together, The Untold Story of My Lover tells the story of Siva Kumar, Maya and Emilija Ivenkovic. A classic love triangle in a detailed set of events, these three unlikely characters are fatefully bound together. 

Sharmila Jayasinghe Niriella, the author of the novel uses scraps of memories from her life as a globe-trotter in her writing. From walking along the streets of Paris, to eagerly listening to stories of her grandfather, the book itself is a carefully crafted collection of memories. 

The novel will walk you through the Parisian nooks and corners as if you are part of the hustle and bustle of the streets themselves. From fresh familiar aromas of the street-side bistros and households, to cigarette smoke that envelopes bystanders, this is an enticing representation of reality. 

Addressing issues of domestic conflict, ethnicity and class, the novel’s shifting setting will throw you into a dark and extraordinary set of events. Some will take you by surprise and some, you might see them coming, but with more twists and turns.  

“Shhh…,” she said. He had sacrificed enough for love.”

The novel speaks of unconditional forgiveness and the strength of female emotional attachment. The writer tends to create a balanced outlook on both male and female emotions, handing the reader a cathartic read. The clever use of language that brings out distinct features of each character, that easily connects to all aspects of the story is an interesting feature of the novel. It also shows how each and every character is influenced by their past and present experiences in building relationships with the unlikeliest of people. 

A string of broken promises and events that let the reader question the impact of the most trivial of human actions, investing in this novel wouldn’t be in vain. 

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