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Nestled in the heart of Thalawathugoda, on the banks of Diyawanna Oya is an unassuming two-storeyed rustic-looking junkyard-turned-restaurant.

The Junkyard by the Barn is the brainchild of the same people who run The Barnhouse and their unique interior decor is only second to the multi-cuisine food they have offer.  From having a drink and bites after work, to a family dinner or a celebratory outing, they offer it all, whilst putting their own twist on the dishes.

They’re back with a newly revamped menu so naturally, we ran to check it out!


Chef Dishan’s Pork Lingus with Curry Sauce — LKR 1,800 (5/5)

Hot, hot, hot! Right off the bat, that’s the first thing you’ll taste, so if you can’t handle your spice this isn’t for you. However, it’s that spiciness that keeps you coming back for more. The curry is so good they should be selling jars of it. The chilli is balanced against the heat of the other spices and topped with spring onion for freshness, making it a curry very rich in flavour. The lingus is perfectly cooked and, on request, garlic bread is will be provided. This curry comfortably serves two.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish — LKR 1,500 (5/5)

This is a dish beloved by every Sri Lankan at this point and the HBC here does not disappoint. It was crunchy and lasted that way well after it was brought to the table. The rings were quite big and this portion could easily serve two people (although personally, I would not share). The batter in itself was flavourful and the chilli flakes added that spicy factor we all crave for in an HBC dish. You can also request for the mustard mayonnaise dip and we urge that you do.

Grilled Buffalo Wings — LKR 1,200 (5/5)

Not only is this aesthetically pleasing to the eye presentation-wise, but it was so yummy I could eat another plate (a plate holding seven to eight wings for reference). It’s juicy and succulent in the middle and crunchy and charred on the outside. The marinade on it intensifies that BBQ taste and the smokiness from the grill complements the buffalo meat perfectly. It’s accompanied by a coleslaw to give your taste buds some relief from the richness of the meat.

Grilled Fillet of Modha — LKR 2,260 (5/5)

People often complain of seafood dishes having a fishy taste, but that’s not the case here. This piece of fish is perfectly filleted and so light that it just breaks away at the touch of a knife. It’s tender with a crispy edge and seasoned so well that you keep going back for more. The modha is only rivalled by the portion of vegetables it’s accompanied by. The spinach, carrots, tomatoes and beans come doused in a tangy but sweet dressing with sesame seeds and pepper. This could be shared between two people.

Honey Garlic Pork Chop with Mashed Potato — LKR 1,600 (4/5)

If you’re a fan of pork like me, then this pork chop is a must-have. It’s juicy and tender, and the sweetness of the honey comes through but not too strongly that it ends up overpowering the taste of pork. The marinade/rub on the pork tastes like a combination between the taste of BBQ sauce, garlic and chilli. The ribs are accompanied by a portion of mashed potatoes, which was slightly under-seasoned for my taste and honestly wasn’t really needed on the dish; the pork chop alone is enough.

Chicken Hot Dog with a Lot of Junk — LKR 1,500 (4/5)

This is a jumbo-sized hot dog not meant for the faint-hearted. In addition to the sausage, it’s filled to the brim with sautéed onions, so if you’re not a fan of onions, then this may not be for you. The onions are quite juicy while still having a bit of crunch and are smothered in a gravy-like sauce, pairing well with the sausage. It’s also topped with a thousand island dressing which adds some relief to the dish. It comes with a portion of crunchy chips and tomato sauce. The dish sharable between two people as a side dish, but it could even satisfy one person as a main.


Junkyard Mixed Grilled Platter —LKR 4,900 (5/5)

This is their most popular dish and rightfully so because it is just *chef’s kiss.* Not only is it loaded with every possible meat and seafood available but everything tastes so good. The presentation itself made our mouths water and only the best cuts of each meat were presented. It comes with three sauces; the Chef’s Special BBQ Sauce, mustard, and a Butter Lemon sauce, the latter of which tasted a little too buttery.

The cuttlefish rings are tender and have a peppery, spicy bite to them. The sausages are of two types; bockwurst and kochchi, which are simply prepared to allow their natural taste and spiciness to shine through.

The jumbo prawns, which come with the shell, are quite succulent and fresh. The chicken leg is massive portion-wise as is the pork chop, and they both have a nice barbecue taste to them. The modha is a nice light addition and helps cut through the heaviness of the meat. We dipped everything in the sauces and it definitely added that extra oomph factor.

To cut through all this, there are slices of crunchy buttery garlic bread and a coleslaw of cucumber, cabbage, tomato and carrot mixed in a tangy acidic dressing. This is definitely a show-stopper and can easily serve three people.

Junkyard Mixed Rice — LKR 2,160  (4/5)

The rice serves as a great vehicle for the other sides whilst offering its own flavour profile. It’s soft, flavourful, not too dry, and isn’t oily like most mixed rice is. It’s full of chicken and sausage pieces in every bite, and has leeks and carrots as a garnish. It paired well with the other sides we ordered and can be shared between two people.

Creamy Cheese Pasta  — LKR 1,700 (4/5)

We were quite surprised by this dish because it didn’t look too cheesy on the outside. However, as soon as we dug in our forks, there was so much cheese that it looked like those advertisements where the cheese just stretches on and on. The use of bell pepper as the spicy element helps cut through all that cheesiness, making it a well-balanced dish of pasta. This dish is perfect for one person.


Ice Cream With A Twist Chocolate Delight — LKR 850 (5/5)

Decadent, chocolatey, gooey, heavenly… honestly, we could go on about how great this dessert tastes. This comes with a piece of scrumptious typically Sri Lankan chocolate biscuit pudding upon which sits a soft scoop of vanilla ice cream dressed in a trickle of chocolate sauce. This is the perfect end to a meal and it’s a definite must-try no matter how full you may be after your meal. We could not get enough!


Vanilla Milkshake — LKR 700 (4/5)

This is definitely for all the sweet tooths out there. It’s more on the sweeter side (not that we’re complaining) but it’s so delicious and worth the diabetes you’ll probably end up getting. However, you can request less sugar syrup if you want.


The first thing you notice is the giant front of a rusty old lorry which immediately adds to the image of a junkyard. It is further accentuated by the tables, chairs and barstools which are made out of barrels, bicycle seats, metal rods and other recycled metal parts giving it a metallic vintage finish.

Another unique aspect of it are the numerous old glass bottles hanging from the ceiling which emit a soft wind chime like sound when hit by the breeze that is constantly blowing even in this humid weather.

It is a whole different look in the evening when the lights come on as it adds a soft cosy glow to the space along with the background music they have playing throughout. All this coupled with the sun setting over the Diyawanna Oya makes it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with family and friends. The staff was friendly and accommodating and the service was great!

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