The Escape Colombo

The Art of Tasteful Escapism 

This new restaurant and cafe will soon need no introduction! Aptly named, ‘The Escape Colombo’, this intimate dining space is an oasis in the middle of the hectic pace of the city. The venue can be rented for private events, but make sure to call them if your group exceeds more than 10 people. They also do vegan and non-vegan custom cakes, and look out for a range of house wines upon request. Expect to be blown away by affordable, bold and clean flavours, infused with an ambience fit for anyone looking to unwind into a hearty meal. 


Caramel Latte (LKR 490)

Smooth, creamy and fragrant, this caramel latte is something you can treat yourself to, any time of the day. Sipping through the frothy milk, caramel and the espresso blend was refreshing, and we liked the overall flavour. 

Choc Chipfudge Frappe (LKR 650)

An upgrade to your regular chocolate milkshake, this frappe is delightfully foamy and delivers without disappointment. We loved sipping on it and let me tell you, it is quite filling, so make sure to taste their food before you gulp this drink down. Easier said than done, given how inviting this drink is. 


Sweet Potato Fries (LKR 300)

While the flavour isn’t anything new to those who are acquainted with sweet potato fries, we loved munching on them nevertheless. Sweet, crunchy and flavourful, they certainly put that extra ‘sweetness’ in the potato fries. 

Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings (LKR 680)

Need to decode the science behind eating with your eyes first? Look no further than the Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings of Escape Colombo. We couldn’t wait to try them out the moment we saw it. This is one of those items, which makes you ask for an extra potion to take back home. While it was served with coleslaw, we were too distracted relishing the bursting flavours of the succulent chicken. 


Grilled Sea Bass (LKR 1,100)

One of our favourites served at the Escape Colombo, the Grilled Sea Bass is a beautifully presented dish. Mild flavours of the ocean mixed with spices that do not overpower the overall flavour, the sea bass sits on a bed of vegetables, and a small veggie bread-boat. You can also get a taste of their signature homemade tomato purée and chilli olive oil as you dig in. 

Butter Chicken Masala (LKR 800)

One of the three options of the Taste of Asia selection, the Butter Chicken Masala came with a perfectly cooked dome of yellow ghee rice. The chicken, however, was a little over-cooked, which was the only down-side we encountered with the dish. The rice and curry came through to make a perfect filling combination. 

Chicken and Cheese Kottu (LKR 900)

We’ve had kottu before. Who hasn’t? But we’ve had nothing like this and it was chopped to chewy perfection. The presentation blew us away and we were (we still are) overjoyed to have ordered this item. It is reasonably priced and all flavours were bold in their own right. From the curry sauce to the dip and the grilled chicken wing, this could just be your ideal roti fix. 


The Sweet Escape (LKR 950)

An Isle of Gelato ice cream scoop, melting onto a gooey chocolate brownie with berry sauce, this showstopper is served on a decadent chocolate dome. Once served, their pastry chef will pour an amazing chocolate sauce over, and oh my, wasn’t that a sight to behold! A brand new dessert item in their menu, The Sweet Escape is aptly named, embodying the restaurant’s values and what makes a tantalizing dessert. We absolutely loved it! 

Passion Fruit Pavlova (LKR 300)

The pavlova melts in your mouth and the passion fruit curd adds a pleasant tangy feel to the overall dessert. It was small in portion size and very reasonably priced for what they serve. We recommend you try this one out. 

Cinnamon Crème Brûlée (LKR 500)

The fragrance and flavour of cinnamon journeyed delightfully into our bellies with the soft brûlée, and it was a real treat to our senses. We recommend this to all cinnamon lovers and we are sure you’d love it as much as we did. 

Crème Brûlée (LKR 500)

While we don’t have much to say about this one, it was soft, smooth and gave a slight hint of vanilla with a very simple flavour profile. We suggest you try the Cinnamon Crème Brûlée for a flavoursome experience if you are in the mood to experiment with an improvised dessert.  


Owned by Shyami Ranatunga, the restaurant turned boutique hotel reflects her and her family’s love for art and elegant culinary experiences. The interiors are ornately decorated in antiques and wall hangings dating back to 1815, taking you through stories of the Kandyan Kingdom. Make sure to spend some time in the restaurant’s courtyard amidst the trees and the breeze, which also serves as an outdoor dining area. You might even come across one or two friendly tortoises, eager to meet and greet you!

Tip – Do try the Spicy BBQ Chicken Wings for a burst of spice and flavour! Finish your meal with the fragrant and beautifully-textured Cinnamon Crème Brûlée.

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