Thai Cuisine Boulevard

The soul of Thailand induced into the heart of Colombo 

Thai Cuisine Boulevard by Tasty Caterers serves some of the most authentic, aromatic and delicious Thai dishes, that will, without a doubt, make your taste buds sing in joy. Being in business for the 5th consecutive year, the chefs at Thai Cuisine Boulevard are experts at taking you on a journey, transporting you to the busy streets of Thailand, lined up with delicious and wholesome street food for everyone to enjoy. 

Team Pulse dropped in for a splendid afternoon to taste some of their iconic and new dishes as well. They had prepared an expansive set tasting menu for us to feast on, that is a new menu they might be introducing soon, with a set price. The prices given in this review are the prices of the individual dishes that are available in their original menu. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the review!


Deep-fried prawn toast with sesame soy sauce (LKR 1050)

Digging into this prawn toast was honestly the perfect way to start our meal. It was so crispy, you could hear the crunch right when you’re biting into it. The heavenly prawn taste just seeps through from the first bite and the filling inside is incredibly soft and smooth. The dish was seasoned very well and was served with a sesame soy sauce, that elevated the already amazing flavours of the dish. 

Deep-fried vegetable spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce (LKR 750)
The classic vegetable spring rolls that everyone loves to munch on were very crispy and crunchy on the outside and were filled with wholesome vegetables that were cooked to the perfect amount. The spring rolls paired with the sweet chilli sauce was a divine combination, the sauce adding a tangy spice to the spring rolls. 
Chicken wrapped in pandan leaves with chilli tamarind sauce (LKR 1450)

This dish was heartwarming in so many ways. The chicken that was blanketed under the pandan leaves was cooked to perfection and was packed with flavour. The flavour of the pandan leaf itself was infused into the chicken and blended so well with the other seasoning that was on the meat. The meat was juicy, and digging into this dish was a pleasant experience. This is one of those dishes that you don’t get to try in many other restaurants, so we’d definitely recommend you give it a try!

Thai chicken coconut soup (LKR 700)

Trust me when I say that this dish was so comforting, it felt like I was being wrapped in the embrace of a warm, tight hug. The coconut flavour elevated with the sharp tang of the kaffir lime leaves that was prominent in the dish seeped through from the first sip and my oh my, it was heavenly. The soup also included pieces of chicken and mushrooms for us to munch on. The lemongrass infused in the dish was so authentically Thai, and the dish was very light and it prepares your taste palette for the main dishes, so well. This was one of the favourite dishes that I tried here. 

Spicy Thai papaya salad served with peanuts and red chilli (LKR 750)

Living up to the name of the dish, the sharp, tongue-wilting yet really delicious spice from the red chilli was the first thing I tasted. Oh, it was very spicy. Yet, I just could not stop going back for more, it was that good. The dish had a tangy kick to it as well but also had a sweet undertone, balancing the sour, spice and every other element. The peanuts that were included in the dish also added a nice crunch alongside the raw papaya strips. However, I have to warn my fellow can’t-handle-spice gang to maybe share this dish if you do wish to try it because it really is quite spicy. 


Grilled seabass with lemon chilli garlic sauce (LKR 1750)

Crispy on the outside, beyond soft on the inside, this seabass was absolute perfection. The meat literally melted in my mouth and the lemon chilli garlic sauce complimented the fish so well. The lemon from the sauce adds just the right amount of tang, and the chilli elements in the sauce add the right amount of spice to the grilled fish, balancing the flavours so well. This dish was another one of my favourite dishes, no questions asked. 

Wok-fried beef with green beans, ginger chilli paste and kaffir lime leaves (LKR 1600)

The chewy beef was cooked to perfection and the flavoursome gravy made my taste buds melt. The ginger flavour was strong but was complimented well with the taste of the kaffir lime leaves that was infused in the dish. The gravy also had a sweet undertone, making the chefs at Thai Cuisine Boulevard experts of balancing flavours in dishes. The green beans were not overcooked, adding a nice crunch element to the dish. This dish pairs really well with some jasmine rice, so do try it out with rice if you do decide to give this dish a go!

Choo chee style wok-fried prawns with Thai chilli paste (LKR 2200)

This is another dish that would pair very well with rice because of the flavourful gravy that you just can’t get enough of. The prawns were juicy and cooked well and seasoned to perfection. The kaffir lime flavour also adds the right amount of tangy punch to the dish, complementing all the flavours. 

Crabmeat in yellow Thai curry (LKR 1900)

The crab meat was so sweet, succulent and soft, it melted in my mouth as soon as it touched my tongue. The coconut undertone in the gravy brought about flavours that were so authentically Asian, making up for a wholesome meal. However, I felt that the dish lacked in terms of seasoning.

Green curry chicken (LKR 1450)

The green curry might be one of the most iconic dishes in Thai cuisine and I must say, Thai Cuisine Boulevard did justice to this dish in every way possible. The chicken was cooked to perfection, the meat was soft and not chewy at all. The kaffir lime tang was prominent in the curry, elevating the flavours of the dish righteously. This is also another great dish that pairs well with Jasmine rice. 

Stir-fried pak choy with garlic (LKR 950)

This dish was nourishing and nutritious, with the Pak Choy having that bright green colour, which shows that the vegetable is cooked to perfection. The garlic gravy surrounding the Pak Choy was flavoursome and it pairs well with the rice as well as the Phad Thai noodles. 

Chicken phad thai noodles (LKR 1250)

This dish was so packed with authentic Thai flavours, I was immediately transported to the bustling streets in Bangkok that serves the most delicious street food, with just the first bite. The noodles itself were soft and not rubbery at all. The spring onions and shallots that were included in the dish added a nice crunch. There were pieces of omelette that were infused in the dish, which complemented the taste of the noodles well. These noodles also pair well with curries like the crabmeat in yellow Thai curry and the green curry chicken, making up for an excellent meal. 

Steamed jasmine rice (LKR 400)

The rice was a little more sticky compared to the jasmine rice that we usually eat at home, but it didn’t bother me. The stickiness of the rice actually helped with mixing the curries well before consuming. The rice itself had a sweet undertone and made the perfect dish to go with any Thai curry that you may try from their eclectic menu. 


Coconut ice cream (LKR 700)

The ice cream is homemade and it was creamy, coconutty and absolutely delicious. It was not too sweet and there were little scraps of coconut infused in the ice cream itself, adding a nice crunch and a contrast in texture to the smooth ice cream. This dish is the perfect dish to cleanse your taste palette from all the savoury dishes that were consumed previously. It was flawless, to say the least. 

Mango sticky rice with coconut cream (LKR 700)

The sticky rice was warm and comforting and it had a perfect consistency. The coconut cream was light and airy and the mangoes were ripe, soft and delicious. This dish was so iconic and delicious, what’s not to love? 

Thai-style coconut panna cotta with passionfruit coulis (LKR 700)

The panna cotta itself was so soft, smooth, light and airy and the passion fruit coulis was definitely the star of the show, taking over your taste buds with a strong, tangy punch. The seeds from the passionfruit add a nice crunch to the dish and there’s a coconutty undertone from the panna cotta that contradicts the sourness of the passionfruit a little, helping balance the flavours in the dish. This item is a new addition to their menu and we would 100% recommend you give it a try. 


Thai Cuisine Boulevard strikes the perfect balance between fine dining in a comfortable setting. Their restaurant is spacious, accommodating quite a crowd, and their interior is cosy, comforting and easy on the eyes. Their service is very efficient and their staff members are friendly and accommodating, always checking on you and ready to help you with any request you may have. Whether it’s to go on a date, have a nice lunch or dinner with your best buds or treat your parents to a lovely meal, Thai Cuisine Boulevard will make sure that you have a wonderful evening with the wondrous flavours that they have in store for you. 

Tips: So many favourite dishes to choose from but I would say that the Thai chicken coconut soup stole my heart and I hope it steals yours too!

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