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A veteran in the Colombo burger scene – Sugar – has come out with a revamped menu to tantalise your taste buds. Their new menu is now available on Uber Eats. Sugar has always made quality a priority when it comes to their food, but in addition to this, their quantity has always been more than pleasing.  


Vanilla LKR 500 

Your standard vanilla milkshake, this drink was creamy and milky. Consistency wise, it reminded me of frothy, melted ice cream and it definitely had some body to it.

Strawberry LKR 500

Sweet and fruity, this milkshake definitely had that strong strawberry ice cream taste to it. It’s definitely a perfect drink to pair with a burger. 

Double Chocolate LKR 550

Definitely, a contender to be a favourite amongst kids and adults alike, this milkshake was creamy and chocolaty. A little on the sweeter side, it tasted like a dessert!

Cookies and Cream LKR 500

Thicker than the other milkshakes, this one definitely had an ample amount of cookies blended into it providing you with some texture and crunch while you enjoy it. 

Iced Coffee

Black LKR 350

For those of you looking for a pick me up, and a good hit of strong coffee, this is perfect! Undoubtedly an acquired taste, this coffee is perfect for the Americano lover on a hot day. 

Traditional LKR 400

Whilst most traditional iced coffees on this island are on the more sugar side, this coffee was just a little too milky for us. Not a terrible iced coffee, but I wouldn’t pay LKR 400 for it, especially when there are other better things on the menu to try. 

Mocha LKR 500

The flavours of the mocha were deep and dark, tasting like a dark chocolate milkshake with a hint of espresso. This was a crowd-pleaser, especially for those who aren’t the biggest coffee fans but are also not fixing to drink something as sweet as a milkshake.

Vietnamese LKR 500

This two-layered drink is definitely aesthetically the most pleasing of the lot, but not just that, it tasted amazing. Essentially just an iced black coffee with sweetened condensed milk at the bottom, this coffee came close to what a traditional iced coffee is supposed to be like; except with a little more punch in the flavour department. 

Salted Caramel LKR 550

More akin to a milkshake in my opinion, this was delightfully sweet and milky with that subtle caramel hint, however, it was missing that slight sweetness that a true salted caramel carries. 


Sugar offers a choice of 4 appetizers to add onto your burger or hotdog. 

French Fries LKR 350

Your standard regular fry that accompanies most burgers, these were well-seasoned and generously portioned. 

Carrot Fries LKR 350

Unique and new, this threw a few of us for a loop, especially when for the first few seconds we thought it was sweet potato. A healthier answer to a side of fries, we all enjoyed this thoroughly!

Sweet Potato Fries LKR 350

Crisp and cut thick, even a small portion makes for a good snack. Well-seasoned and still soft on the inside, the fries actually still held their shape even after they went cold – not turning into soggy shoe strings. 

Onion Rings LKR 350

Without contest, this was the favourite of all the sides! Sweet, crunchy, incredibly flavourful, these onion rings were perfect and delicious. Not often do we get onion rings done right. Usually, they are overcooked and soggy or undercooked and just plain unpleasant. Instead, these were crisp on the outside and had the perfect bite and mouthfeel.


We tried all 10 of their burgers and 2 of their hotdogs and promptly went to food heaven. With interesting flavour combinations and new spins on classics, Sugar has something for everyone.

Smokie Blues (beef) LKR 900

The thick beef patty was delicious, meaty and juicy, it was smothered with a smoky bbq sauce and topped with bacon – the burger also came fully loaded with all the fixings, the tomatoes, onions and lettuce were all fresh and crisp adding an element of freshness. Sweet smoky, with that hint of salinity from the bacon, this burger is perfect if you enjoy BBQs.  

New Yorker LKR 800

One of the more unique flavour combos, this had pepperoni, mozzarella, sautéed onions, marinara sauce and mushrooms. This burger tasted like it had a pizza inside it, which I will attribute to the addition of the soft stretchy mozzarella and marina which was tangy and was an interesting choice of sauce that actually works. If you’re a fan of mushrooms in your burger, this is perfect for you. The pop of meaty mushroom with every bite was a pleasant surprise and the sweetness from the sautéed onions mingled well with the salinity of the cured pepperoni. 

Club Tropicana LKR 900

The Club Tropicana has the potential to be quite polarizing, coming with a slice of grilled pineapple inside the burger. But don’t knock it till you try it, the grilled pineapple provides the burger with a sweetness that mingles perfectly with the spicy aioli sauce which added a smoky, mild heat to the burger. The bacon that topped it gave it some saltiness and the beef patty was soft and juicy. This burger had a fairly tropical feel to it, playing with sweet and savoury quite nicely.

The Classic LKR 650

Everything a burger should be, the chicken patty was thick, juicy and flavourful. Seasoned to perfection and caramelised on the outside, the patty tasted grilled. Topped with sauerkraut, gherkins, ketchup and mustard, the punchy combination added an element of sweetness, funk and boldness to the burger, without being too overpowering. 

Macho Nacho LKR 850

This was our least favourite burger. Something about the combination of nacho toppings like salsa, olives, pickled jalapenos, cheese and tortilla chips didn’t sit well with anyone. The tortilla chips were all we could taste and it gave the burger a gritty texture. The flavour combination just didn’t work for us. The idea is innovative and with some tweaking, I’m sure they’ll land on a combo that works. 

Exotic Lamb LKR 1350

The lamb patty in this burger is a standout and shines miles above the rest. With a real Mediterranean feel, you could taste the subtle hint of cumin and coriander and the lamb itself was soft and juicy and wasn’t at all overpowering or gamey. When you take a look into the patty itself you can see that it is 90% lamb mixed in with some onions, grated carrot and other seasonings. Topped with a tzatziki which is a yoghurt-based cucumber and herb sauce, this burger was exotic perfection.

Hippie Crab LKR 1100

With this burger, you basically get a massive crab cake (a crab patty if you will) topped with a spicy, fresh and tangy slaw, and though that sounds strange, it’s DELICIOUS. If you’re a seafood lover this will definitely hit the spot. Unlike most other crab cakes which are 60% potato and other fillings, this crab patty was basically all crab and it tasted sweet and soft like fresh crab contrasting with the crispy breaded outer coating. The Cajun sauce added a mild smokiness to everything and paired well with the spicy, tangy slaw which added freshness and an additional crunch to the whole thing. 

Veggie I am LKR 550

One of the better veggie burgers out there, this burger patty was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It also had distinct chunks of veggies intermingled in the soft and smooth patty. Unlike most vegetarian burgers in the country, this one deviated from the typical falafel style or Indian potato style burger patty. Combined with the sweet grilled onions and the fresh tomato and lettuce, this burger was fresh and delicious.

Hot Bird LKR 850

Inspired by the Nashville Hot Chicken, the chicken in this burger was juicy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Seasoned to perfection, the heat it provided didn’t overpower any of the other flavours and acted like a warm smoky heat that made your tongue tingle. The sriracha mayo added a spicy, tangy creaminess to the burger and the fresh shredded lettuce and pickles gave that element of fresh lightness to brighten up the whole meal. 

The Big Daddy LKR 1250

True to its name, The Big Daddy is truly massive! Perfect if you’re starving or just a big eater. We got ours with one chicken patty and one beef patty. The burger was also topped with the regular fixings of pickles, tomato, lettuce and onion, and this big guy even had bacon and a fried egg to top it all off!

Sugar Dog LKR 550 

The Sugar Dog really stands out from all the other hotdogs in town, this dog is not for the faint of heart. Brazen and punchy from the sauerkraut to the mustard, this dog has strong and bold flavours that somehow seamlessly work together. The hotdog as a whole was HUGE, and the snap of the sausage was so satisfying, each bit was an explosion of flavour. 

Manhattan Dog LKR 550

While the Sugar Dog was focused on punchier flavours, the Manhattan brought the hotdog back to more familiar territory with cheese, mustard, ketchup, caramelised onions, and pickles. This hot dog is basically a giant version of the famous Manhattan-style hotdog. The caramelised onions and ketchup added a sweetness that played with the sharp acidity of the mustard and pickles balancing out the flavours perfectly.

Tip: Do try the Exotic Lamb!

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