Porken Deli

Every pork lover’s dream come true 

Based in Dehiwala, Porken Deli delivers delicious home-made food items that are predominantly pork dishes and a few chicken dishes. They provide a variety of lip-smacking dishes that fits the Sri Lankan and Asian taste palette. And trust me when I say, their dishes definitely deserve to be shared in the infamous ‘Ceylon Pork Lover’s Society’ Facebook group, where most Lankans who are absolute fanatics of pork dishes reside. We thought of trying out Porken Deli from the comfort of our office and needless to say, we were thoroughly satisfied. 


Honey grilled pork ribs (LKR 1450)

The merge between sweet and savory is something that most cooks try their best to perfect and trust me when I say, Porken Deli did the pork ribs so much justice. The balance between sweet and savory was perfect and the sweetness of the honey glaze also contradicted the oiliness of the pork rib itself. The meat was cooked well and actually came off the bone without me having to put much effort into it. The chunky ribs were well seasoned and the portion size was generous. We definitely recommend trying these out!

Pepper pork (LKR 900)

Living up to the name of the dish, that strong pepper taste seeped through the meat, from just the first bite. Even though pepper was the predominant ingredient that I tasted, it was not too spicy or too strong, so it would fit anyone’s preference, whether they have a high spice tolerance or not.  Personally, this option is best as a bar bite due to its serving size and bite size pieces of pork along with a balanced charred smokey after taste.

Red pork curry (LKR 900)

What really stood out to me in this dish was how well the meat was cooked. It was soft, tender and it literally melted in my mouth with just a few bites. As well seasoned as this dish was, its spice levels could have been more intense, but that’s just my preference! The texture of the curry blended well with the Pol Pittu and Lunumiris, making for a satisfactory meal experience.


Pork Bedum (LKR 900)

This was hands down, my favorite dish. The overall flavor of the dish was more suited to the Lankan taste palette. The dish was spicy, spicier than the pepper pork, but the spice was well balanced with the seasoning of the dish. The generous amount of ginger and garlic that was lathered in the dish, elevated the taste of the entire dish to the next level. If you’re all about that spice like I am, I would definitely recommend you to try the pork bedum out. 

Pol pittu with lunumiris (LKR 550)

The pittu looked and smelled absolutely divine, while the texture of the pittu could have better. The ratio of coconut to pittu would make any pittu enthusiast happy! When the pittu was mixed with the coconut milk and the lunumiris and tasted, the authentic Sri Lankan pittu taste was definitely prominent. The consistency of the coconut milk was also good, it was not too thick nor too thin. Good as the lunumiris’ flavor range is, a bit more lime and tang would have been appreciated to match up to the flavors of the maldive fish.

Tip – Trust me when I say this my fellow Lankan-to-the-last-drop brothers and sisters, go for the pork bedum. You can thank me later! 

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Author: Senuri Wasalathanthri
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