Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Popeyes is always alive and the delicious smell of fried chicken wafting around will make anyone’s mouth water! We dropped in to sample some of the goodies on the menu and here’s how it went! 


Peri Peri Chicken Wings (6pcs – LKR490)

These crispy wings garnished with chili flakes and laced with a mild Peri-Peri flavor packed a tangy punch! The seasonings were more aromatic than flavorful at first, however, when consumed with the Mardi Gras Mustard dip, this experience is simply fast food perfection!

Classic Signature Chicken (2pcs – LKR 580)

Known for their fried Chicken, we expected a bit more out of this. Although the tender and succulent meat on the inside is covered with a perfectly fried crunchy exterior, the flavor of the coating was too salty and overbearing which took away from the overall satisfaction. The Bold BBQ sauce was a great accompaniment with this option as the sweet balanced the salty flavor profiles to a decent extent. 

Chicken Tenders (5pcs – LKR 780)

When they said “tender” they meant it – these succulent tender strips came with a well-seasoned coating that left a very American “Southern-style” biscuit flavor on the palette, which could be an acquired taste to some. I personally enjoyed the experience with this from the price to portion ratio to the flavors and textures. 

Cajun Fries (Large – LKR 400)

Chunky, flavourful and an absolute snack-worthy option! from the coarse and abundant seasoning to the freshness of the ingredients used. Although the portion size to price point ratio is still something that could be worked on – I would not hesitate for a Fries + Buffalo sauce dip any time. 

Cajun Popcorn Shrimp (10pcs – LKR 1200)

These cute tan pillow-like snacks arguably were one of their most aesthetic dishes from the rest and perhaps one of their higher-priced items on the menu. Although the produce tasted fresh, the execution of this meal rendered the shrimp overcooked – thus it lacked flavor in the meat and depended heavily on the saving grace of their three dips to be properly enjoyed.


Spicy Chicken Sandwich (LKR 600)

The one that stood out for its flavors and overall satisfaction! While at first bite, the aromatics of this burger really makes one’s stomach grumble. The taste itself is unique and distinct to everything else we had on the menu, sandwiched with what felt like a corn-bread-inspired brioche burger bun with a substantial fried chicken patty topped with spicy mayo for an extra zing. 

Grilled Chicken Burger (LKR 610)

The overall expectation for this burger to what we had may have been a little off – although it visibly looked like quite a juicy chicken patty in this burger, the inside was dry and required a substantial sauce added-on to balance out the textures. Bearing a peppery and char-grilled exterior to the meat, the inside was quite bland in comparison with standard filling options. However, on the upside, this burger seemed to be a slightly healthier option compared to the rest of the deep-fried menu options.  

Veggie Burger (LKR 420)

Skepticism to having a veggie burger from a chain that built its brand around fried chicken at first is completely normal – as was I. However the flavors while totally unexpected did not disappoint in the slightest. Laced with very South Asian flavors from its seasonings – the concept of this burger was reminiscent to Indian street-style food. While I am not vegetarian, I was able to appreciate this burger whole-heartedly.

Cajun Shrimp Burger (LKR 650)

It’s always interesting to see experimentation food options from fast-food chains – this burger definitely has potential with just a few tweaks. Personally, this wasn’t necessarily a visually aesthetic burger to me and at first bite, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily a tasty one either. The flavor and texture profiles could’ve used a lot more thought especially as it was served in a sandwich and it posed a challenge for me to distinguish the shrimp from the burger bun with its overall “bread-like” taste and feel.

Buffalo sauce / Mardi Gras Mustard / Bold BBQ Dips (LKR 150 each)

The trifecta of dips on the Popeyes menu each bore a very distinct and unique taste to one another. The sweet and smokey standard BBQ that paired well with many items balancing out their flavors to the Mardi Gras Mustard that packed a punch – elevating the food we had along with the Buffalo sauce that was milder than expected but a great flavor profile. 


Walking through the main entrance to Popeyes was nostalgic to blurry Friday night expeditions through mall parking lots to the perfect midnight snack! The seating area inside is fairly small and glass panelling showcases the interior to the entire parking lot, making it less private and intimate as a food establishment.


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