PappaRich at The Grove

Nestled amongst an assortment of restaurants at The Grove, this quaint little branch of PappaRich transports you to a tranquil setting amidst the hustle and bustle of daily Colombo life. Although a limited menu with a lack of vegetarian options at this particular joint, PappaRich offers a truly authentic Malaysian cuisine and is especially suited to those who love seafood.


Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken (LKR 1100)

The chicken speaks for itself, although slightly oily given the fact that it is fried, it remained succulent and tender on the inside. The dish was accompanied by a delicious home-made chili paste sambal made with caramelised spices and onions. The roasted peanuts and crunchy anchovies add just the right amount of pizzaz. The true under-dog of this dish was the ‘Nasi Lemak’ which translates to “rice in cream” in Malay. The coconut-infused steamed rice cooked with crew pine leaves and ginger worked well with some of the drier elements of the dish.

Kangkung Belacan (LKR 825)

For those of you who are new to the cuisine, Malaysian-style KangKung Belacan is seasoned with shrimp paste. This dish calls for all seafood-lovers who want to enjoy this stir fried spinach with a strong aftertaste of shrimp on the tongue.

Chicken Satay (6 sticks) (LKR 1045)

The 6 chicken satay sticks were accompanied by a side of crunchy peanut sauce pineapple chunks, cucumber pieces and slices of onions. The sweet and crunchy peanut sauce makes for the star of the dish culminating into a sublime blend of both creamy and crunchy. The chicken, although a little dry, is still a must-have with the classic peanut sauce.

Curry Laksa with Seafood (LKR 1540)

You haven’t experienced the true, authentic Malaysian cuisine unless you’ve tried Seafood Laksa. Here at PappaRich, you are certain to get a hefty dose of seafood, with fish cakes, prawns and calamari, all making an appearance. This meal is perfect for those of you who want a hint of spice accentuating the coconut-based flavour. It is also accompanied by beansprouts and two different types of noodles. Although more on the pricey side, The Curry Laksa with Seafood makes for a filling and satisfying meal.


Although each restaurant has a dedicated seating space, feel free to sit wherever you want across the vast expanse of lush greenery and open spaces. The small and quaint eating joints encircled by a charming little pond that wraps around the premises make for a perfect getaway. Keep in mind there is a separate counter you must attend to within the venue when paying your bill.

All in all, PappaRich at the Grove proved to be a unique culinary experience. This is definitely the place to be for those seeking that sense of escape or a simple authentic Malaysian meal in place of the usual fast-paced frenzy of other restaurants.

Tip – Make sure to try the satay chicken with the peanut sauce for a guaranteed symphony in your mouth.

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