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Available through Uber Eats and PickMe, Olive offers up an array of delicious Mediterranean cuisine. With a simple but well-balanced menu, they offer generously portioned, hearty dishes that taste both healthy and delicious. 

In this current climate getting food delivered to your doorstep has become the new normal, and a much safer way to enjoy someone else’s cooking, should you be too lazy to cook for yourself. Their food comes to you quickly and packaged neatly for ease of unpacking and eating. Additionally, you can call their establishment to make pick up orders, they have their full menu listed on at @olive_cmb for your convenience.  


Sicilian Nourish Soup Meal (chicken breast) (LKR 700)

At just LKR 700 this soup is a steal. Reminiscent of a minestrone, this soup was full of zucchini, carrots, bell pepper, celery, olives, potato, fresh herbs and chicken breast. The tomato and red wine base made this soup hearty, tangy and filling. The veggies in the soup were diced big enough that every mouthful had a decent bite to it, and it was pleasing to note that the veggies they still maintained their structural integrity and crunch, however, the chicken breast was a little dry and overcooked, but that didn’t really take away from the overall taste of the soup. 


Chicken Souvlaki (LKR 760), Mini Greek Salad (LKR 270), Tzatziki (LKR 150), Pita (LKR 75)

Souvlaki is a popular Mediterranean street food of marinated meats that have been skewered and cooked over an open fire, usually accompanied by a salad and pita bread. Olive allows you to either order the souvlakis on their own or turn it into a platter, so naturally, we plattered up! The more the merrier right? The chicken was, soft and perfectly seasoned, the flavours were warm and the char from the grill gave it a smoky edge that paired well with the mini Greek salad, tzatziki and pita. The pita bread that came with the souvlaki was soft and chewy, the tzatziki was tart and fresh with olive oil and cucumber running through it gave a well-rounded flavour. The mini greek salad was wonderfully fresh and bright both in colour and flavour and was actually quite a decent size, and it came with the dressing on the side. 

St. Blue (Beef) LKR900, Spiced Seasoned Wedges (LKR 220)

Being quite the lover of blue cheese, I couldn’t pass up trying this burger, and boy did they deliver on the blue cheese. I’ll say this, this burger isn’t for anyone who isn’t a fan of bold flavours, because true to its name the blue cheese is the standout flavour here. Fortunately, the thick crust bread and sweet onion jam does tame it a little – and the combination is truly a fantastic flavour experience in my opinion. However all those strong flavours meant that the taste of the beef patty was somewhat hidden, but when we tried the patty sans the fixings, it was very meaty and well caramelized on the outside.

Mediterranean Kofta Lamb (LKR 1100)

The lamb koftas were surrounded by the standard salad like veggie accoutrement that usually gets put into a wrap, but those paled in comparison to how gloriously flavourful, well-seasoned and BUTTERY the lamb was. The kofta patties were mixed in with carrot and onion and seasoned with Mediterranean spices giving them the familiar savoury warmth that Mediterranean food often emits. If you love lamb, this is definitely for you, and if you’re undecided and not a fan of the gamey taste of lamb then this is also a great dish to try. 

Pesto Cheese Vegetarian (LKR 680)

Winning many of the meat-eaters over, this wrap was one of the favourites. Fresh and light, this wrap was surprisingly filling, brimming with bold and bright flavours. Though there aren’t too many vegetarian options on the menu, this item truly does make up for it, full of veggies, cheese and a generous slathering of a basil pesto cheese paste, the herbaceous warmth paired very well with the fresh crunch veggies, and the cheese added an element of sharpness and funk to the flavours. 


Crème Brûlée (LKR 275) 

Delivered in a small foil ramekin this was pretty worth paying LKR 275 for. The top of the Crème Brûlée was perfectly torched and broke like glass even under our plastic cutlery, the custard beneath was smooth and its silky creaminess was a perfect backdrop for the slightly bitter caramel. 

Lemon Meringue Tart (LKR 400)

The lemon curd was tart and smooth topped with a beautifully whipped and scorched meringue which provided a whisper of crunch to the dish. The pastry was a standard butter crust that held its shape so this wasn’t a crumbly mess.

Tip – Try the Pesto cheese vegetarian wrap!

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