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Guilt-free, organic, and wholesome!

Housing a store for all things organic and health-specific downstairs, Nature’s Corner in  Thalawathugoda has a café upstairs; upon our first look of the place, there was nothing not to love. The café is a soothing, quaint, and super cute space, perfectly keeping with the vibe and theme of the restaurant. 

Their entire menu is for the health-conscious diner; every dish is made from the freshest organic produce so we were quite shocked at how affordable the dishes were, considering how most places stack up their prices the minute anything “organic” is on the menu. Nature’s Corner had our hearts at this point, so we were ready for them to conquer our stomachs too, which – spoiler alert – they did!


Heading over to the counter to place our drink order, we were already spoilt for choice. From fresh juices consisting unusual yet wholesome ingredients to smoothies and even Ceylon coffee and tea, Nature’s Corner has a strict no added sugar policy, which we loved!

The Sunrise (LKR 400)

This vibrant orange concoction made using feel-good ingredients such as organic carrot, pineapple, turmeric powder and ginger truly hit the spot. However, do ask for ice if it’s a particularly warm day. The drink was tangy, thanks to the pineapple, and refreshing, reminiscent of a juice cleanse. All the elements of the beverage evidently stood out, lasting throughout our meal to wash it all down with a big, yummy gulp. 
Ali Geta (LKR 450)

Off their smoothie section, we opted for the Ali Geta. Being a die-hard avocado fan, we had to try Nature’s Corner’s take on this, and boy were we glad we chose this. Incorporating flavours of milk, yoghurt, bee honey, and of course avocado, this smoothie was not only a 10/10 but it was filling too! Highly recommend.  

Drip Coffee (LKR 400)

Arriving at our table steaming hot and steadily dripping, the Drip Coffee had us craving it right away. It was Vietnamese Premium Culi Coffee and after one sip of this black coffee, we were super glad we had it, considering our long day ahead. This is ideal for those who want to get some work done with a hot coffee. 


Healthy Big Breakfast – with an add-on of smoked salmon (LKR 1900)

Over time, we have been conditioned to think that a lesser portion is healthier, but depending on the ingredients, this is obviously not true. Hence, our interest was piqued thanks to the unconventionally paradoxical Healthy Big Breakfast Nature’s Corner had under their All Day Breakfast section. This hefty dish came with two free-range eggs, roasted tomato, garlic spinach, sautéed mushrooms, roast potato and wholemeal bread. We also got an add-on of smoked salmon (LKR 550), because why not? This dish was super filling, totally worth the price, and left us feeling very satisfied. The flavours blended well together and we were huge fans of the garlic spinach and sautéed mushrooms. You can choose how you want your eggs done – poached, fried, or omelette – and how you want your potatoes done – roasted or mashed. You also get a choice of either kurakkan or wholemeal bread. Clearly, Nature’s Corner has covered all their bases.   

Salad Bowl – with an add-on of grilled tuna [LKR 1300] 

Off the eatery’s All-Day Brunch section, being a vegan option on its own (without the addition of grilled tuna), this is such a steal for those of you who are sick and tired of vegan eateries being ridiculously expensive. This salad bowl was super colourful and it didn’t only look good, it tasted great too! All the flavours combined well together, and the grilled tuna (LKR 400) was just the right addition! The mix of veggies and the beet dressing did wonders to our palate. Needless to say, we were very happy with this one as well.

Free Range Chicken, Lettuce, and Tomato Bagel (LKR 900) 

Here’s where things got a little fishy, quite literally. A bite into this bagel, our palates were hit with an explosion of flavours thanks to the chicken filling. However, there was an unpleasant taste accompanying it, and much to our dismay, we realised it was the bagel itself; it may have been the overpowering taste of sesame oil. Upon setting the bagel aside and having seen this (thanks to their open kitchen concept), the chef immediately came and checked up on us, and happily obliged to prepare a fresh one for us. We could tell he was a perfectionist and we were so glad Nature’s Corner’s food was in great hands. The fresh bagel was much better and there was a visible improvement from the previous one we tried. 

Polos, Cheese, and Tomato Wrap with Homemade Chutney (LKR 550)

Definitely something to write home about! These wraps checked everything off our list. Embedded in this soft wrap were polos curried to perfection, oodles of cheese, fresh organic veggies, and a tangy chutney which hit just the right spot! Truly no complaints here and this wrap was most certainly worth the price. Seriously, do yourself a favour, try this wrap, and thank us later. We devoured it, guilt-free!


Smoothie Bowl (LKR 600)

When we asked for recommendations, the chef himself said a smoothie bowl would be the best option. So how the smoothie bowl works is, you get a choice of three fruits, a base of milk and yoghurt, and a topping of crunchy granola. While most seasonal fruits weren’t available, the chef recommended papaya, passion fruit, and banana, assuring us that he’ll whip up a splendid bowl. Nature’s Corner truly delivered. The banana was incorporated in the base and the bowl as a whole was refreshing and left us feeling super content. 

On COVID protocols, they have a sanitising station at the entrance and the waiters are well-equipped with protective gear. The store downstairs sells fresh organic produce, stocks and stocks of healthy must-haves like granola, nuts, seeds, and so much more!

Needless to say, the staff at Nature’s Corner was extremely accommodating and what’s more is that their space caters to all types of dining options; for example, whether you’re looking for an affordable place to get some work done while getting your healthy fix, hang out with some friends, have a cute date, or even brunch with the family, Nature’s Corner is the place for you! 

Tip – Try the Polos, Cheese, and Tomato Wrap with Homemade Chutney!

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