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Loon Tao stands on the sandy shores of the Mount Lavinia beach, promising you a taste of the sea in a modern yet simplistic setting. An authentic seafood experience under the constantly shifting shades of the sea-kissed shores makes an ideal setting for an intimate conversation between friends and family or a date spot for those who love a little sea mixed in their ambience.  We visited the restaurant for the first time post lockdown looking for familiar yet daring flavours and here’s what we experienced. 






Cosmopolitan (LKR 1,190)



This came in as a result of a quick decision we made and the lip-smackingly fruity Cosmopolitan hands you the zesty zing of a well-concocted cocktail. The taste of Cranberry juice was prominent but it didn’t harm the overall goodness.



Blue Lagoon (LKR 1,190)



This daring cocktail is definitely not on the mild side of alcohol. The lime slices both added a refreshing touch to the overall presentation and let the acidic taste seep through.


Tequila Sunrise (LKR 1,290)



While the taste of tequila didn’t stand out in this tangy concoction, the orange contributed to the invigorating citrusy flavour of the aptly named cocktail. It was indeed a vision in orange. 



Virgin Mojito (LKR 550)



A gentle touch to the array of drinks we had at Loon Tao, the mint and lime garnished mojito was a well-balanced drink you can leisurely sip on. 


Loon Tao Special (LKR 550)



The union between pineapple and cranberry is a welcome combination of taste you can look forward to in this mocktail but the mango wasn’t as prominent. It leaves a slight acidic residue, we liked the fruity flavours nevertheless. 



Mango Cooler (LKR 550)



A refreshingly tangy drink you can sip on while you take a stroll on the beach. If you are a mango fan, then this is something you shouldn’t overlook on their menu. 





Deep-Fried Chicken Wonton (LKR 890)



Tastes as unique as it looks! Giving way to an effortless bite into the minced chicken mixture on the inside, the deep-fried crispy wonton wrapper is what unravels the meat. You might want to double up on the portion of 6 wontons as the little morsels of this wrapped chicken will be gone in no time.




Singapore Style Spicy Noodle with Prawns and Chicken (LKR 990)



A great balance between the elements that do not overpower one another brings together this delectable noodle which is definitely worth the price. Loaded with generous amounts of seared pieces of chicken, prawns and vegetables, this is a dish for those hunters of chilli out there. Twirl a forkful of this when you drop in at Loon Tao for a wholesome noodle experience. 



Wok-Fried Lamb with Zucchini XO Sauce (LKR 1590)



A sweet symphony of authentic XO sauce and lamb out of the wok, this dish was chewy, moderately spicy and we had nothing to complain about. 



Szechuan Style Fried Eggplant (LKR 490)



While the eggplant felt a little soggier than the usual fried version, we think it’s best accompanied with the Singapore Style Spicy Noodle or will render a better taste with their extensive range of rice dishes. 



Hot Butter Cuttle Fish (LKR 1290)



Savour the flavour of the ocean skilfully woven into the spice palette to please every Sri Lankan’s spice cravings! We saved the crowd favourite for a proper conclusion to our beachfront dining experience and we had no regrets. Juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, the Hot Butter Cuttle Fish of Loon Tao is a flavourful delight we would definitely go back for. The portion can easily be shared among two people.  






Sesame Date Pan Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream (LKR 390)



Sesame and dates are unquestionably the prominent flavours in this unique dessert served at Loon Tao with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream on the side and a drizzle of a berry-based sauce. We have seen desserts paired with ice-cream where its flavour overpowers the main dessert but this combination didn’t disappoint. However, digging into the pancakes did not go smoothly. We found the crust to be a little tough to break into but once the ice cream started to melt, it was only a matter of feasting on this quirky dessert. 





Decked with wooden tables and chairs, Loon Tao is a tranquil seaside restaurant with a menu to suit all your moods. The lights hanging from the ceiling take their proper whimsical place, as skylight starts to fade giving way to a romantic shift in the overall ambience. If you prefer to experience a good variety of the best seafood you can have along the Mount Lavinia beach, head down to Loon Tao and tell us how it went for you.   



You might come across a merry and hearty group of locals enjoying good music with their bongos around sunset along the beach!


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