Lankan-Born Scientist at the forefront of Developing a COVID-19 Vaccine

The rapidly intensifying process of developing a COVID-19 vaccine suggests that a solution for Coronavirus is not far away.

The fact is further reassured by candidate vaccines developed by pharmaceutical corporations, and leading universities having proven highly effective.

Amongst these institutions is the University of Oxford, where Sri Lankan-born consultant physician Dr. Maheshi Ramasamy is one of the principal investigators in the Oxford Vaccine Group.

Having completed her education in the United Kingdom, Dr. Ramasamy’s name is one that makes an appearance several times in an article published in The Lancet, a medical journal that reports any updates on the progress of the development of the vaccine.

After reading for her medical degree at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge she went on to train in Infectious Diseases and General Internal Medicine in London and Oxford. Dr. Ramasamy currently serves as a Consultant Physician at the Oxford University Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust and is also the Principal Lecturer at Megan Medical College.

It is interesting to note that science runs in the Ramasamy genes. Her mother Prof. Samaranayake Ramasamy was the first Sri Lankan to receive a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge while her father Ranjan Ramasamy was also a scientist.

Data on the efficacy of The University of Oxford’s coronavirus vaccine is set to be released in the coming weeks. Trials have indicated that the vaccine produces a stronger immune response in older adults.

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