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Kevans Casa will take you to flavour city!

Kevans Casa, nestled in the heart of Mahiyanganaya, is an experienced-based hotel that welcomed us at team Pulse with open arms for a short yet delightful stay. During our stay, we got the opportunity to taste some of their signature dishes and needless to say, they were healthy, they were wholesome and they were packed with nothing but flavour. They have an a la carte menu and buffets as well, for different meals of the day. They are also hoping to revamp and improve their a la carte menu shortly, hence prices may subject to change when it happens. Without further ado, let’s jump right into our review of the Kevans Casa Restaurant! 


Knuckles Breeze (LKR 1200)

Let me paint you a picture, my friends. You know that feeling you get when you are tired and drenched in sweat from walking in the blazing hot sun and suddenly, a cool breeze just whooshes past you and you close your eyes as you feel the tiredness just vanishing away in an instant as if it was never there in the first place? That’s what this drink felt like, bringing justice to its name. It was a very unique cocktail, unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. This drink was a sweet concoction of cucumber, celery, bee’s honey, vodka, topped up with Sprite and oh my, it was uniquely magnificent. The cucumber and the celery were definitely the agents that were responsible for the cooling, refreshing taste of the drink. The bee’s honey was not too overpowering and it added just the right amount of sweetness to the drink. The acidy punch of the vodka also seeped through with every sip I took and the Sprite added a rather nice, lemony undertone to the drink. I’m sure that you can already tell that it was love at first sip for me and that I’d recommend you to give this drink a whirl if you do stop by Kevans Casa. 


Prawn Cocktail (LKR 950) 

First of all, this dish looked lavish, very magnificent and royal when it arrived at the table and I could not wait to dig in. And if you are a seafood lover, this dish would be your safe haven. The prawns took centre stage with every bite I took, with a salty undertone that reminded me of my favourite memories at the beach. The spiced Mayonnaise that was incorporated elevated the flavour of the dish and the bell pepper, onions and tomatoes added a pleasant, crunchy element to the dish. The dish was served cold and was garnished with Caviar, which complemented that authentic, seafood taste even more. The dish was actually quite heavy, so if you’re a light eater, this dish would pass as a main dish as well. 100% a must-try!


Kevans Casa Parcel (LKR 900)

This dish looked wholesome and smelled divine, to say the least. The dish was an assortment of a little bit of rice, beetroot, pumpkin, broccoli, beans wrapped in bacon, carrot, lemon butter sauce and baked lake fish (better known as vawu maalu in Sinhala). If you’re concerned about eating clean and healthy, this is the dish for you. The lake fish was baked to perfection, it was so soft and smooth, the meat melted in my mouth. The fish was seasoned well and the spices were packed with flavour, as they wrap the marinated fish in banana leaves when baking it, to trap aroma and flavour. The vegetables were cooked to perfection and the lemon butter sauce added a buttery, tangy, touch to the dish. This dish was honestly the perfect balanced meal, with the right amount of proteins, green vegetables and carbs. 


The ambience of the restaurant at Kevans Casa was very relaxing and pleasant. Although the restaurant is indoors, it’s located in an open area where there’s a constant breeze coming in while you dine. It is the perfect environment to enjoy a delicious, hearty meal with your family or friends while you’re on vacation. The staff at Kevans Casa were courteous, friendly and helpful and their service was very efficient. All-in-all, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and the delicious meals at Kevans Casa. 

Tip – If you’re ordering the Kevans Casa Parcel, beware of the bones in the fish as lake fish usually has a lot of bones in them. But don’t let this stop you from enjoying a delicious yet wholesome meal because trust me, it’s worth it!




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