Indian Summer – High Tea

An Indian Twist to High Tea as we know it.

Indian Summer’s High Tea was an absolute feast in three tiers of bursting flavour! Their extensive spread serves more than 23 items of authentic Indian treats, with brownies and sandwiches, all, with a taste of Asia. They offer a range of Dilmah teas to choose from, which we think could be upgraded in terms of drinks. For a reasonable price tag of LKR 2300, this platter could easily be shared among two people or more. Our hearts are full with this one, and we just might go back for another round!

Non-Vegetarian Mains

On platter: Chicken Lollipop, Butter Chicken Sandwich,  Chutney Egg Pattice and Chicken Pattice, Chicken Spring Roll, Kathi Roll, Samosa Chicken, Fish Koliwada, Malai Tikka Tandoori Chicken Tikka-Chicken Seekh Kebab.

Chicken Lollipop

Crispy and juicy, these bite-sized chicken lollipops won us over for good. One bite and it leaves you wanting more.

Butter Chicken Sandwich

Another special find! A treat of fusion cuisine, this sandwich has succulent pieces of butter chicken, with great tasting creamy sauces and salad leaves to go with it. We haven’t been able to stop thinking about this sandwich since.

Chutney Egg Pattice and Chicken Pattice

On the lower end of the flavour profile, these patties could use a spice upgrade.

Chicken Spring Roll

The texture and flavour of the Chicken Spring Roll were average but enjoyable. While we didn’t come across anything special about the spring roll, the chicken was cooked well and had an overall pleasant mouthfeel to it. 

Kathi Roll

Great-tasting kebab wrapped in paratha, it was slightly crispy on the outside and easily scored well. We wished we had one extra!

Samosa Chicken

This is your average samosa. A nice fried pastry with a filling you’d usually find in your regular samosa, this was an ordinary, yet decent bite. 

Fish Koliwada

Like most items on Indian Summer’s non-vegetarian platter, this was succulent and crispy. You can easily bite it down in one go. 

Malai Tikka-Tandoori Chicken Tikka-Chicken Seekh Kebab

What a conclusion to the non-veg platter! The chicken made to perfection in three ways, this is a must-try on the High Tea menu. This kebab combination was amazing and we loved and loved every bit of it. Five more, please!

Vegetarian Mains

The vegetarian selection is a thoughtful addition to the High Tea platter of Indian Summer. With a selection of 6 items, it complements their non-veg range with a flavour profile suitable for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians. 

On platter: Samosa Veg, Bhajiya, Chili Mili Kebab, Batata Wada, Cheese Corn Balls, Veg Sandwich. 

Samosa Veg

Not the best contender on the platter. The vegetable mix was decent with a crispy wrapper, but it lacked a ‘wow’ factor. 


Bhajia has a mix of veggies inside its golden brown batter that has been fried to perfection. A crunchy and crispy vegetarian snack.

Chili Mili Kebab

A kebab on the healthier side, potatoes, spinach and other vegetarian-friendly ingredients came through nicely to make this delicious bite-sized item. 

Batata Wada

There was no distinct taste to this one. The vegetable platter more or less had identical flavours and this did not come through as an interesting snack. 

Cheese Corn Balls

We picked a favourite off this platter and this was it! Deep-fried crispy cheese balls were a delight to munch on, and needless to say, they disappeared in seconds. 

Veg Sandwich

Easily the second-best item we had, the veg sandwich was equally scrumptious as the Butter Chicken Sandwich. We liked the overall taste and there was so much attention to detail for a sandwich, with neatly shredded salad leaves and veggies. 


On platter: Kheer, Sheera, Baked Yoghurt, Gajar Halwa, Brownie, Gujiya


The union of milk, sugar and rice was a real treat to us. The texture was so smooth and the drizzle of nuts added a nice touch to it. 


We loved the exotic splash of the yellow colour palette! A great-tasting dessert which will appeal to your Asian likings, the ghee, sugar, cashews and nuts were in blissful proportions. 

Baked Yoghurt

We tried a pot full of this absolute milky goodness, and it was heavenly.  Lots of almonds and pistachios to chew on in the tiny glass of condensed milk and cream yoghurt, it is a divine little glass from above.  

Gajar Ka Halwa 

We hope you like your carrots! The presentation may put you off if you are not a fan of carrots in your dessert, but trust us on this. This is one unique dessert with a distinct flavour profile. Try it for a change. The portion size is ideal if you are a first-timer. 


The brownie is gooey and chewy, and no complaints about the texture of this one. The best part about it was the Indian twist, that Indian Summer does so well with most of their items. The healthy varieties of nuts give a crunch you wouldn’t generally find in a regular brownie. Healthy and delicious! 


Did they keep this one on the wrong platter? Deceptive in its looks, Gujiya carries the outer appearance of a fish pattie. In reality, it is a sweet treat of coconut and jaggery for the sweet-toothed. We liked it for its uniqueness of taste and appearance. 

Our overall experience of the Indian Summer’s High Tea, was a distinct and adventurous one. While we are not greatly impressed by the veg platter for its similar flavours, everything else was just amazing. 


Indian Summer is an ideal spot for gatherings of all kinds and private events. They have an upstair dining space, with an interior combined with modernity, and a traditional Asian touch. Outdoor dining could go wrong or right with the weather, and the bustle of the street, but give it a shot if you like to dine outside. However, we preferred the interiors. 

Their customer service was excellent! Everyone attended to our every need without complaint, and made sure we had a great experience. If you have any questions about Indian cuisine, ask away. They’ll be more than happy to share their knowledge and culinary craft with you.

Tip: Cheese Corn Balls and Butter Chicken Sandwiches for the win from the savouries! Try the sandwich without fail, and your dessert indulgence must include the Yoghurt and Gujiya if you are up for a flavour adventure. 

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