Holy Dumpling! | Restaurant Review

A mouthwatering dumpling-themed garden party anyone?

Love dumplings? Then this is the place to be. Don’t like them or haven’t tried them yet? Still, this is the place to be. 

If we had any qualms about binge-eating dumplings, Holy Dumpling definitely proved us wrong.

Thoroughly impressed by the taste and presentation of their dumplings, you should take our word on the quality and portion sizes as they are absolutely worth it for the price you pay. Dumplings, wontons, noodles, or unique desserts, whichever you look for, you will fall in love with their delicious food and walk out feeling full and fantastic! In other good news, there are great options for vegetarians and vegans too. 

Let’s get your chopsticks ready for action! 


Chicken Dumplings LKR 1,650 (4/5)

This dumpling option includes ten delicious dumplings with a well-cooked and generous chicken filling in each of them. The steamed dumplings are pan-fried on one side potsticker-style and are garnished with sesame seeds and spring onions. These chewy and warmly served morsels disappeared in the blink of an eye. For the portion size of ten dumplings, this is well worth the price. We paired it with chilli soy sauce to make it a fiery combination, but you can also go with their for a lighter punch of spice. However the other wonton options we tried stood out in terms of flavour of the fillings.

Prawn and Egg Wontons — LKR 2,100 (5/5)

The prawn and egg flavours of the filling come through very well and you get an extremely satisfactory number of 14 wontons in a serving. In fact, all their wontons are served in 14-piece portions! The fillings are generous and overall, this wonton is easily the best one we tried. We enjoyed them on a medium spice level. Oh yeah, did we forget to mention? You can freely customise your desired level of spice. Just inform the staff how you like your wontons and they will do the rest.

Tofu and Veg Wontons — LKR 1,650 (5/5)

A crispy vegetable mix of carrots, leeks and tofu, this is a surprisingly tasty treat on the menu for all vegans and non-vegans alike. The slightly firm tofu bits inside the thin wonton skins make a real difference in the texture and taste. We tried this with chilli oil because we like our wontons to be a little spicy.

Fresh Noodles LKR 1,850 (5/5)

Top. Tier. Noodles. You can choose between homemade vegan peanut sauce or soy and sesame sauce. We went with peanut sauce, which was a terrific choice! Tossed in a thick peanut sauce with generous amounts of prawn, this was a very filling and flavourful noodle option. You can build your own noodles from a range of proteins, pick a sauce of your choice, adjust the spiciness, and go at it! 

Tofu and Veg Bao Bun — LKR 1,800 (5/5)

Nobody said vegan food can’t be versatile and delicious and no one ever will after this one. The fluffy bao bun reminded us of a taco, but better! The bun is folded into glazed sticky tofu bits, coleslaw and spring onions, and garnished with sesame seeds. The tofu is mouth-wateringly chewy and the bao bun is made to perfection. We went with soy and sesame sauce, and medium spiciness for this one. The bao bun comes with a serving of sweet potato fries to add to the exploding flavours in your mouth. The buns are available in chicken, beef, prawn and egg fillings. 


Hawaiian Butter Mochi Cake LKR 900 (5/5)

A simple and chewy sweet treat made from mochi (glutinous rice flour) and coconut milk, and topped with thinly sliced pieces of almonds. This tastes somewhat close to a bread pudding but milkier; the coconut and milk flavours really cut through. We recommend this as a light treat after your dumplings and noodles spree. This portion is fit for one person. 

Chocolate/Coconut Dumplings LKR 800 (5/5)

Made with dark chocolate chips, and a heavenly coconut filling using coconut milk powder, sugar and coconut flakes, these dumplings simply took our breath away. You get 4 sharable dumplings wrapped in a thin baked dough. These are crispy, sweet and simply delicious, enough said.

Fudgy Chocolate and Cashew Brownie — LKR 800 (5/5)

Tastes like a classic brownie with a fudgy interior of rich chocolate and a crusty top with cashew nuts. This is a vegan option and a one-person portion. To give it the ultimate zing, we would love it if the menu could include a topping of vanilla ice cream or a sauce option.


Ginger Lemonade LKR 850 (5/5)

This drink has strong but pleasant ginger and lemon notes as it should. The ingredients are pretty simple, so it doesn’t clash with the strong flavours in your main meals or desserts. You can have it separately or together with your meal because it pairs well with just about anything. 

Rosemary-Infused Strawberry Lemonade — LKR 850 (5/5)

A light and slightly tangy concoction to survive this scorching heat! This one certainly is a unique and refreshing blend. The rosemary infusion delivers an earthy and almost floral flavour and aroma to the drink. Might we add that this could be an amazing cocktail option if reinvented? Only an experiment will tell (Holy Dumpling is BYOB btw, just saying). 


Holy Dumpling likes to keep things simple and homey. There is ample seating space in the garden area of the restaurant and also in the indoor dining area. The furniture is simple and doesn’t overcomplicate or overdo anything here. 

The staff is friendly and will tell you what’s in each dish if you’re curious to dig deeper into the flavours. You should check this space out for your dumpling soirées under their garden lights and intimate gatherings. However, the experience of the scrumptious dumplings, noodles and wontons will be your biggest win. 

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