Fuel Hub Cafe

A cosy artisan café with magical things at work!

Your people are your biggest asset, and the Fuel Hub Café is proof of it. Nestled peacefully in a busy neighbourhood, this artisan café truly serves you their best. Giving the Mount Lavinia community a taste of fine café culture, you’ll get to meet baristas, bakers and chefs who are passionate about their craft and food. Already making waves for its 3D and exquisite latté art, the café makes in-house desserts and bread, and takes great pride in their fusion cuisine. Everything we tasted was absolutely fresh, and we cannot wait to share our experience with you.


Flat White (LKR 350)

We hated disturbing the cute design on top! Sitting graciously on the velvety smooth steamed milk and espresso blend, the latté art was a pleasant addition to the drink. Beautiful texture and amazing taste, we award full points to the barista at Fuel Hub. 

Lime and Mint Mojito (LKR 350)

A refreshing burst of Mint and Lime, you can choose to leisurely sip on it, or gulp it down immediately as we did. Whichever way you choose, the mojito will be one of the freshest you’ve tasted. Both drinks delivered great value for money. 


Dinesh Kumarasinghe Platter (LKR 1,750)

A platter of six succulent and crispy chicken wings, four soft battered prawns that melt in your mouth, four chicken skewers, two pieces of crunchy and flavoursome garlic bread, fries and a three-type dip. Well, MAJESTIC for a platter we say! Named after the celebrated Director of Sports at St. Thomas’ College, Dinesh Kumarasinghe, this is totally worth your money. We highly recommend you go for this platter if you want to share this golden goodness with a couple of friends!

Caesar Salad (LKR 650)

This was one of the freshest and great tasting salads I’ve had. Generous portions of absolutely crispy and succulent pieces of chicken ham, crunchy croutons, perfectly done bodied egg and pieces of prawns were topped off with parmesan, to add an inviting touch to the dish. Served with two pieces of their home-made garlic bread.


Crispy Chicken Buttermilk Burger (LKR 950)

This was one filling burger, and we spent a few minutes staring at this beauty before we ate it. It was neat, with a slice of cheese melting onto a big crispy and juicy chunk of chicken, that sat on top of fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The sesame burger buns were baked till golden-brown and everything about this burger was nothing short of amazing.

Oven Roasted Chicken (LKR 900)

One of their items on the Grill Menu, we weren’t really impressed with the overall dish. However, we loved the signature Tamarind Sauce drizzled on the chicken. It saved the presentation of the dish, added a tangy flavour and worked well with the veggies too. Veggies, fresh as always!

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl (LKR 800)

The teriyaki chicken was moist to bite into, but there was no strong flavour in it. The combination of the poached egg and Thai rice did a good job at bringing all the flavours together, and it was filling although the portion size looked small. An elevation of spice, perhaps? 


The Special Kade Paan French Toast (LKR 750)

What a sight you are! The French toast with a Sri Lankan twist will make you turn on all angles just to get a 360° view of this work of art. Adding a not-too-sweet taste and a glossy finish to the toast, the passion fruit coulis only makes this dessert better. The sharp cinnamon and caramelised dressing and the mint leaves elevated the presentation. However, don’t expect this to taste like any other regular French toast that is more on the sweet side. 

On platter: Chocolate Cup Cake (LKR 150), Chocolate éclair (LKR 150), Chocolate Chip Cookie (LKR 100), Chocolate Brownie (LKR 250)

Did we discover Willy Wonka’s apprentices at the Fuel Hub Café? We wrapped up our meal with these gorgeous sweets, served on a beautifully decorated platter. Texture, taste, looks – you name it, these desserts had them all. The cupcake had the best texture and the chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting was insane. Silky smooth and amazingly sweet!

The éclair tasted fresh and unlike any éclair which is out there, I can easily tell you, this is the best. The cream was so good, and it just melts away in your mouth. We certainly wouldn’t mind taking the trip to Mount Lavinia just to get these goodies! (If you are in their delivery range, consider yourself blessed) 

The cookie and the brownie were also out of this world, except for the brownie that was a little too gooey inside. Did that stop us from eating it whole in seconds? No.


The café is a simple little spot for casual hangouts and chit-chats. Owned and managed by Ranga, you’ll catch him greeting his customers with a smile, with the rest of the staff who will give you a warm welcome and equally great service. They have an outdoor seating space under construction (limited seating space currently available), with fairy-lights hanging overhead and can get quite magical in the night. The staff is super friendly and will leave you to dine in peace with no disturbances what so ever. 

Tip: Try the éclair and the cupcake. If you need some uplifting from a tiring day, ask the barista for a 3D latté art to give you an instant coffee-fix with some creativity mixed in!

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