Fresh from the Fields: The Shirohana Story

Well, we’ve just come out of a lockdown, and everything just seems a bit dull. It would, wouldn’t it? We’ve been staring at our own walls for months. So, why not add a streak of colour and fragrance into our lives for a change? How you ask? That’s what Shirohana is for! The pioneer of the fresh-cut flower industry, Shirohana has been livening up homes and occasions since 1986! But enough about the past! Shirohana has become the premier provider of freshly pruned flowery delights, from Roses to Chrysanthemums, from Snapdragons to Lilies and even wild flowers!

Shirohana has passed many milestones since the beginning of this aromatic endeavour. Their farmers grow these amazing flowers, and they are assorted into delicate and detailed bouquets that are sure to blow your mind. And Shirohana prides itself on delivering the freshest flowers in amazing arrangements that can be presented for any occasion.

Looking to surprise your partner? The Rose is a romantic flower. Shirohana blends Roses and designs in unique and warm arrangements that radiate the feelings most intimate to people. Try their anniversary arrangements if you want to celebrate that one true love of yours on that special day.

Not a romantic occasion? It’s alright! Take a peek at their birthday selection for a different kind of celebration. Chrysanthemums bloom in all their glory while being flanked by an honour guard of soft purple Lilacs and pure white Lilies. These are intertwined with some rebellious wildflowers to create that extra pop of colour for the best birthday ever!

Or are you visiting someone who’s sick? Beware of COVID-19 though! It always pays to stay safe! Assuming that you’ve followed proper protocol which also includes browsing the Shirohana catalogue, you’ll see that their soft Lavender arrangements and their eye-soothing foliage, combined with beautiful touches of Eucalyptus and Gladioli, are all suited to lift the spirits of your loved one.

What if it’s none of these things? What if you just want to surprise that special someone! Don’t worry! Shirohana has your back! Check out their selection under “Just Because” and you’ll be allayed of any fears. Arrangements such as ‘Embrace’, ‘Mini Bliss’ and ‘Strawberry-licious’ are simply out of this world. Anthuriums, Lisianthus and Snapdragons form an impressive combination of flower arrangements that would make any surprise worth cherishing a lifetime.

Shirohana has its own DIY boxes as well! This gets you a box of freshly cut flowers to get creative with and forge your own floral vision. Think of the possibilities!

Now, if you’re wondering, “just how do I get my hands on these breathtaking blooms,” look no further. Shirohana has an amazing new website,, up and running just to make your selection process that much easier! With the help of this website, you’ll be able to order flowers from selected areas within the country and get fresh-cut flowers directly to your doorstep. Shirohana has opened the doors to a new experience; an experience where we do not need to be limited by geographical boundaries; an experience where we have the ability to express our feelings in a new dimension through flowers. It’s all so easy! Just at the palms of our hands. It’s also easy to keep track of their seasonal trends. So, instead of visiting one of their outlets, now you can visit their website and have your flowers within a matter of days! And people living in Colombo do not get charged for delivery! Shirohana has now evolved from the best fresh-cut flower provider to the best fresh-cut flower delivery service in Colombo and the whole country as well.

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