Epi-Q Express Gourmet | Restaurant Review

“Epic Asian Eats with a Sri Lankan Spin!”

Coming from “epicure”, which means “a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drinks”, EpiQ is the brainchild of Shazmin Ismail, the director and CEO.

The restaurant is widely popular for its chocolatey treats but did you know it serves up a unique, traditional take on gourmet cuisine too? And specifically, suited to the Sri Lankan palette? If you are craving Asian crispy crepes, waffle pizza, rotzza and mini pancakes, this might be the only place in Sri Lanka where you can get them. They also serve a range of vegan dishes, so that no one is left behind on this epic experience.

Read on to see what we tried!



Isso Wade – LKR 880 (4/5)

Everyone loves a good isso wade! Epi-Q’s take on the street food staple gave our meal the zesty start that we needed. Topped with what we loosely call a ‘salad’, it was mainly finely chopped onions and cabbage, keeping that authenticity when you get an isso wade from Galle Face Green. The wade was crispy with the prawn lying on a bed of delectable gravy that had just a small hint of spice.



Creamy Chicken Pasta (Spaghetti) – LKR 1,800 (5/5)

I’m just going to say it. This was my favourite dish of the day! There was a good amount of juicy chicken chunks in the pasta, and the white sauce was thick and creamy. The chicken and white sauce go together perfectly. It was also mixed in with mushrooms and broccoli. If you want to sneak vegetables past a fussy kid, order this. This is a well-rounded meal that is incredibly satisfying and makes for great comfort food.

Arrabbiata (Penne) – LKR 1,550 (5/5)

Regarding the red sauce, you can tell right away that this penne is cooked with fresh tomatoes because of its flavour and aroma. It even had cherry tomatoes! Catering to our Lankan taste buds, the red sauce had the perfect balance of spice and sweetness. Packed with chicken slices with a velvety texture, this was a delicious pasta dish with a bit of an Asian fusion added to it.

Kebab Wraptor Chicken – LKR 1,050 (3/5)

This crunchy wrap is made with a tortilla wrapped around a kebab, special homemade sauce, salad and pickles. While I found this dish to be somewhat lacking in flavour, I couldn’t help but think it could be transformed into a nutritious wrap. Adding a flavorful sauce could turn it into a delightful option for either lunch or breakfast.

Half-and-Half Pizza (Chilli Prawn/ Grilled Chicken) – LKR 2,700 (4/5)

Their pizzas come in a variety of different toppings and you even have the option of going half and half. We started with the creamy Chilli Prawn pizza half, which had chillies, tomato and olives for flavour. Going the opposite way for the other half, we picked the Grilled Chicken which was a milder option than Chilli Prawn.  It was a simple topping full of chicken and cheese and was complimented with olives.  We kept going back for more because the pizza was light with a thin crust and held a generous amount of meat.



Mini Pancake Premium –  LKR 1,200 (5/5)

Did you know that Epi-Q sells over 300 mini pancakes a day? And we are glad to do our part for the greater good. From the first bite, it felt like we were biting into a little chocolate pillow. The mini pancakes were drizzled with chocolate and white chocolate. Delicious, perfectly bite-sized, and not to mention, fun to share (or not) and dig in.

Half Waffle With Nutella, Strawberries and Ice Cream – LKR 950 (4/5)
(Add On: Strawberry – LKR 400 | Vanilla Ice Cream – LKR 300)

Thick, crispy and soft Belgian waffle, a generous amount of strawberries, Nutella and chocolate? If you’re still not convinced, Epi-Q will throw in an ice cream as well! If you’re a fan of waffles, you’ll love the waffle section of the menu. You can customise your waffle with toppings like strawberries and ice cream, or choose from options like Milo, Oreo, KitKat, Kinder Bueno, and Peanut Butter. You also have the option of going for a full waffle if you want to share or if you dare finish all that sweetness alone.

King Size Peanut Butter Crispy Crepe – LKR 1,150 (5/5)

Imagine biting into a crepe version of a Reese’s Pieces. Oh so crispy, so irresistible. This combination of the crispy and incredibly thin crepes loaded with delectable chocolate and peanut butter will win you over. The best dessert, by far! This was a huge portion that was well worth the price, if not more so. This gives you a huge, pizza-sized crepe with rich chocolate on top and gooey, crunchy peanut butter inside.



Falooda – LKR 650 (5/5)

This exotic dessert drink is cool and refreshing, satisfying your sweet tooth with layers of rose syrup, jello, sweet basil seeds, vermicelli, creamy milk, and nuts topped with ice cream. You’ll be left wanting more. This classic rich dessert beverage is a crowd favourite.

Blue Lemonade – LKR 500 (3/5)

An ideal zesty, non-alcoholic beverage to bring some excitement to any menu is this blue lemonade. But hold on, this drink may be sweet at first taste, but it has a bitter aftertaste. Still, it’s a great way to quench your thirst while having dinner. If you are looking to try something new then this would be it!

Peach Ice Tea – LKR 550 (4/5)

Note to self. Stir well. We really do mean it when I say that this iced tea is a delightful treat. It tastes like a fruity bubblegum confection. This is a perfect drink for hot days in Sri Lanka which is basically almost all the time.



Epi-Q Gourmet, situated in the heart of Thimbirigasyaya, is a delightful restaurant that offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. With its brick wall surrounding and the separate takeaway section, the restaurant exudes a warm and inviting ambience. The main emphasis of their brand is serving “Fine Food Casually,” a concept that Epi-Q has successfully maintained through their delectable cuisine and the welcoming, laid-back atmosphere in their establishment. This unique combination of great food with its fusion of flavours and relaxed environment has made Epi-Q Gourmet a popular choice among diners in Colombo looking for a memorable and wallet-friendly experience.

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