Dazzle and Decorate this Christmas

Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Fa la la la la, la la la la 

‘Tis the season to be jolly

Fa la la la la, la la la la 

’Tis the season indeed- it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around Sri Lanka! That’s because of one thing mainly- Christmas décor. The seasonal setups, small or big, feature a few classic colours- green (stemming from the use of an evergreen conifer Christmas tree, which originally signified the eternal life of Christ), red (symbolising the blood of Jesus) and gold (a symbol of Christ being the Light of the World). Whatever colour, shape or form, decorations are the ultimate way to keep our living and work spaces warm, merry and bright during the festive season. And what’s more- with the ongoing pandemic and restrictions on social gatherings/outings- they are one of the joys of Christmas we can continue to enjoy safely and responsibly. When it comes to Christmas décor, we’ve got you covered like a reindeer on a rooftop- here’s a roundup of places from where you can get a wide variety of Christmas ornaments, trimmings, embellishments and more!


Party Mart (Decorations: LKR 60- LKR 500, Trees: LKR 1200 onwards)

Party Mart is making it rein décor this December- it can be the one-stop shop for all your Christmas supplies! They have Christmas trees, lights and a wide variety of ornaments such as mini Santas, streamers, bonbon crackers, Santa hats, baubles, wreaths, tree topper stars, bells and more.

Lada Trade Centre (LKR 105- LKR 265)

You can indulge in Christmas décor to your heart’s content this season with Lada Trade Centre. They have beautifully detailed festive baubles, bells and colour-coded decoration kits that will surely add some sparkle to your Christmas celebrations.

Artworld (LKR 120- LKR 490)

This arts and crafts store has a range of christmas ornaments including baubles, bows, acorns, stars, bells, bonbons and candy canes. They also have little Christmas sock bags. All of these can be hung from your Christmas tree or included in table centrepieces, and the sock bags can hold gifts for loved ones.

Chenz Felt and Craft (LKR 220- LKR 600)

Here you can get Christmas decoration supplies that you can then use to create your own crafts and masterpieces. Available items include gold bells, jingles, fairy lights, patterned ribbons and a DIY Christmas kit- all of which allow you to decorate your space in your creative way.

ChristmasDeco.lk (Decorations: LKR 100- LKR 800, Trees: LKR 500- LKR 16,500)

Enjoy the season of happiness with ChristmasDeco.lk’s classic decorative elements. Their range includes Christmas trees (mini and normal), wreaths, bells, baubles, garlands, function lights, stars and Santa hats. Products come in colour schemes and can be used as elements for any form of Christmas décor- the tree, tabletops, windows and doors etc.

Jiggles Store (LKR 240- LKR 550)

Christmas décor is all about the details and when it comes to the little things- Jiggles Store will have you jingling all the way! This party supply shop offers coloured baubles, jingles, stars, candles and other hanging ornaments that will definitely add value to your seasonal setup.


Who We Are SL (LKR 120- LKR 1800)

Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store

Maybe Christmas means a bit more

Who We Are SL- the Otara Foundation’s initiative to celebrate and support the many talents and creative spirit found across Sri Lanka- has a stunning Christmas décor collection consisting of classic elements given a modern upgrade. And the best part is that all the products are sustainably sourced and locally handmade with eco-friendly materials. 

Their range includes mini Christmas trees (made from Burlap and fabric) as well as a wide variety of embellishments such as stars, snowflakes, Santas, wreaths, bells, reindeer, gingerbread men, stockings and poinsettias made from wood, felt, crochet, lace and Burlap. These ornaments are just meant to be! They also have snowflake coasters, napkin holders and Christmas canvases.

Gedaramade (lKR 175- LKR 6400)

Just like the above, Gedaramade is all about supporting local home businesses- and their products are crafted with talent, care and a whole lot of love. The Christmas décor available on their platform includes tree ornaments, candles, centrepieces, Xmas soft toys, knitted decoration, table mats, coasters and festive fabric products.

Chrissy Craft Boutique (LKR 50- LKR 3500)

Handmade mini trees, baubles, stars, snowflakes, Christmas centrepieces, festive stationery and wall hangers are just some of the items in Chrissy Craft Boutique’s Christmas decoration array. Her products focus on up-cycling used, discarded or natural materials such as twigs, paper, corrugated board and scrap fabric- and therefore you can enjoy not only a pretty Christmas but an environmentally-friendly and sustainable one as well.

Woodpecker Hub (LKR 175- LKR 1650)

Woodpecker Hub has wooden Christmas ornaments- snowmen, reindeer, candy canes, Santa etc. that can be placed on trees, wreaths and table centrepieces. You can personalize wooden wall hangers and decorations to your liking. They also offer customized baubles. Apart from the decorations they also have a special Christmas box for kids which includes wooden ornaments, paint, brushes and glitter. 

Hom Boutique SL (LKR 950- LKR 1350)

The magic of the season is upon us and a festive cushion is sure to add to your home decor. They’re a great way to decorate sofas, armchairs or beds and give living spaces a yuletide touch that is not limited to the tree. Hom Boutique Sl offers a range of 18” X 18” seasonal cushion covers made from cotton, felt, satin and lace featuring reindeer, a Christmas tree, mistletoe etc.

Waxed Flame (LKR 500- LKR 2000)

If you want to fill your home with not just the sight of Christmas, but also the scent of Christmas- then there’s snowthing better than candles! Waxed Flame’s customisable range of Christmassy candles can be placed around the tree or on tables and are sure to light up your home in more ways than one. 

Home Basics SL (LKR 40- LKR 2250)

This home décor shop’s festive collection consists of candleholders (in the classic colours of red, green and gold), pine cones, berry trees, berry wreaths, glitter berries, mini Christmas trees as well as sitting and standing reindeer ornaments that can be used to create a perfect Christmas corner- be it on your table, in your hall or even at the entrance of your home.

Dreamstitch.lk (LKR 700- LKR 1500)

This Sri Lankan sewing artist has launched a very unique Christmas accessory- decorative embroidery hoops! Each hoop has ornamental needlework (embroidery or applique) featuring an element of Christmas e.g. the Christmas tree and gifts underneath and sometimes a Christmas message/ saying. These hoops come in varying sizes (6 inch, 12 inch etc.) and the colours and designs can be customized according to your preferences! The hoops can be hung on your tree, doors or even the wall and make for a lovely gift too.

House of Gifts (LKR 40- LKR 5500)

Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, Christmas is the time to please- and House of Gifts does just this! Festive lanterns, serving plates and crockery as well as tree and hanging décor are some of the items in their Christmas décor array.

Edys.lk (LKR 20- LKR 10,490)

From Christmas trees to reindeer statues, mini Santa soft toys to Christmas wreaths- this home décor and furniture store has got it all. And the list doesn’t end there- they also have angel figurines, centrepieces, baubles, gift box sets and decorative baskets- so you enjoy shopping unique festive décor under one roof to your heart’s content!

Boutica (LKR 1100- LKR 3000)

This florist offers Xmas jars, succulent pots, wreaths and festive table runners that are sure to glam up your home with the Christmas spirit. The jars and pots make for ideal centrepieces and tabletop décor this season. Adorned with candles and tropical fresh flowers, her jars are hand-painted in white, red or gold or made with Epsom salts while her pots are hand-painted with Christmas elements.

Stardrop Candles (LKR 600- LKR 3200)

Christmas is in the air indeed- you can give your home its very own signature scent with Stardrop candles. Christmas fragrances available (in candles and ornament shaped wax melts) include Peppermint Brulee, Under the Mistletoe, Jolly Getaway and Fresh-cut Pine. You can also get a candle advent calendar to countdown the days to Christmas.

Press Play Creations (Decorations- LKR 600- LKR 3000, Trees- LKR 5000- LKR 9500)

Enjoy a holly jolly Christmas with these decorations- Press Play Creations has modern wooden elements such as poinsettia wall hangers, rustic Christmas triangles, bells, table centrepieces and signboards. Their Christmas collection also includes Christmas trees (with or without lights), wreaths, garlands and lanterns.

Akura Learning Toys (LKR 650- LKR 2200)

These wooden creations are surely on Santa’s ‘nice’ list! There are Christmas reindeer and snowmen as well as a Christmas village set consisting of trees, a house, a fence, hat and peg people and stick bundles- that you can place on your tabletops. They’ll make a cute addition to your festive décor and will provide festive fun for the kids too.

The Linen Boutique (LKR 450- LKR 4300)

Christmas isn’t a season, it’s a feeling- and you can cosy up your living and dining rooms with the Linen Boutique’s Christmas print table runners, table mats, cushion covers and curtains. Deck your halls and wait for the magic of Christmas to unfold upon you!


Comfy Ceylon (LKR 1600- LKR 1800)

If you really want to ramp up the Christmas spirit- Christmassy cushions are the way to go and Comfy Ceylon has a range of 20+ up for grabs! Their cushions are 18” X 18” and come with a printed polyester cover. You can also keep it on for as long as you like and enjoy the Xmas feels it brings even after the holidays.

Poms Island (LKR 1500- LKR 7000)

Poms Island’s Xmas collection consists of cute little nativity themed wooden peg dolls (Christmas angel, Christmas penguin, Gingerbread man, Santa Clause and Elves) that can be used as table-top or mantelpiece décor. They also have a full Nativity set that can be used to recreate the scene of Jesus in the manger. These wooden peg dolls aren’t your usual Christmas bells and baubles- but these ornaments are long-lasting, reusable and also make perfect toys for kids to play with during the days of Christmas.

Pendi (LKR 430- LKR 18, 750)

If you want a classy Christmas, Pendi can help you get there this December. They have a wide range of Christmas themed home décor items such as candles, coasters, stockings, cushions and cushion covers, bedspread sets, plants, plants, table sets, tea towels, tree décor, bon bons, wall hangings and doormats- that will give your entire house the festive vibes from the entrance to exit!

Ricamo (LKR 1600)

Christmas decorations are not just about glitter and glow; they are about spreading the joy and magic of the season- and this needle painter’s decorative embroidery hoops may not be bright or sparkly but they surely spread the festive feels. These hoops- featuring snowflakes, holly and the Star of David- can be hung on your tree, on the wall or in doorways and will add a unique and modern element to your seasonal décor.

Anything by Su (LKR 1750- LKR 5500)

This Christmas collection will surely add some colour to your festive collections! The range includes handmade wall décor (in the form of wreaths and stars) as well as tabletop setups (featuring reindeer, baubles, candles etc.). Festive garlands are also available that can be used to decorate doors, windows and staircases.

Be Creative with Thili (LKR 2000)

The light in a child’s eyes is all it takes to make Christmas the most magical time of the year- and this does just that! Be creative with Thili offers a nativity themed felt poster (that can be hung on walls) and a 2ft felt Christmas tree. The Christmas tree can be made 3D and comes with 20 felt ornaments your kids can decorate it with- thereby serving as both décor and a fun activity. This way you can set up a kids’ mini Christmas corner in your home.

Laavay Homeware (LKR 990- LKR 5500)

With all of us being studying/ working from home and stuck inside over the past few months, you may think the feeling of ‘home for the holidays’ will be pretty non-existent. Think again- because Laavay is bringing you a true feeling this Covid Christmas. Check out their Christmas print bed sheets, serviette sets, cotton ball lights and starry light ornaments- and enjoy your new holiday home!

Succulents.lk (LKR 1600-LKR 3500)

Christmas magic comes in all forms- and so does Christmas décor! Succulents.lk offers potted plant-based Christmas décor that is ideal for table centrepieces. The décor pots come in the classic colours of red, gold and green and in 3 options- small, large and a  combination set of small and large.

The Sewing Room (LKR 1350- LKR 5000)

Decorate your ho-ho-home this Christmas with The Sewing Room’s Christmas trimmings. Her product range focuses on colour coordinated wreaths such as ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Red Alert’- which are adorned with various ornaments such as baubles, acorns, poinsettias, holly and bows. She also offers Xmas garlands.

Cute by Anu (LKR 1500- LKR 2500)

These Christmas centrepieces are simple and sweet. They include candle stands/ holders, baubles and flowers on a metal or wooden base and can light up any surface such as a dining table, coffee table, window sill etc.  

Inahets (LKR 3500- LKR 7300)

Why not invite the Christmas cheer into your bedroom this season with Inahets? Their bed sheets feature beautiful and colourful Christmas prints, and they also offer Christmas bundles consisting of festive table linen and napkin sets.

Whatever your style- traditional or modern; whatever your reason for the season- whether you want to deck up your houses to celebrate the birth of Christ, create some fun for the kids or simply set the scene for Christmas elfies – we hope this list helps you make this a December to remember. 

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